.....from this hypocrisy & pretence......
What if this isn't everything it should be????

I'm not even sure how I feel....!! !!

Maybe somewhere, someone loves me so much;
He'd share his life with me and my whole life he'd touch;
Maybe somewhere, someone longs to hear me call;
Or maybe, yes, I realized, maybe there is none at all...

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Who do you select???? Part 3

| Tuesday, January 17, 2012
Read Who do you select Part 1 and 2 HERE!
It is not a sequel of "Who do you select". Part 1,2 and 3 are INDEPENDENT posts. This post IS NOT A CONTINUATION of either of them!!!!
Anay and Aditya...
I was kinda lost between the two "A"s of my life...
Anay was my boyfriend so I was supposed to be with him,but Aditya was the one who made everything alright by just BEING THERE!
His presence brought a smile to my face.His phone call made me forget Anay.It wasn't right.I know it isn't right. . . . . . . .
But as long as Anay was around, nothing seemed wrong...

There was a time when I was ready to fight for Anay.I had fought with all obstacles to be with him.I was even ready to confront my family to spend my life with him.It was not that time any more.

Aditya ruined everything.He came along and spread so many smiles and gave me so many moments of happiness that Anay was very much put aside.I did not care for Anay anymore.I had turned into a selfish girl who cared only about herself and her smile.That was perhaps because I did not have to fight with anyone to be with Aditya.I never had to persuade him to be with me.He was always keen to meet me.He insisted that I should stay with him.He knew I was with Anay and he had even warned me regarding that.He had told me that I would forget Anay once I become friends with him but I had never paid heed to his warning.Anay had started to feel my indifference.He was drifting apart from me.I knew that. Nevertheless Anay did not matter any more!!!!!

He had made me wait.He had made me cry.I had to literally plead to him to be with me.There was a time when Anay did not care a damn about me.It was not that I was taking a revenge of that cold behaviour.I just did not feel like seeing Anay anymore.He had gone a lot too far from me than I had from him

There were moments when I introspected and found myself guilty of breaking someone's heart,playing with Anay's feelings,lying to myself and I found myself spoiling Aditya's life too.I felt like going upto Aditya and telling him to go away from me and Anay FOREVER but it couldn't happen.It wasn't so easy.Yes,I still loved Anay deep down 'cause he also had given me some of the most amazing moments in life.He had completely owned 3 years of my life.Aditya on the other hand was with me since 6 months.However, there were certain other things which made me even more distant from Anay!

Aditya called me up more often than Anay did.Anay had other priorities which he put before me.Aditya always had me as his NUMBER 1 priority no matter what!!!!

If I could not get sleep at night,Aditya was always there for me!!!
If anything was bothering me,it was Aditya I could look up to!!!
Anay just claimed to love me.He hardly proved anything of that kind.
I wished to change Anay and start anew but Anay had his own terms to live his life.I could never ever change that.Aditya always cared about my smile more than anything else.

I would rather prefer apologizing to Anay and asking him to forget me instead of losing ADITYA for Anay.

I don't blame Anay for anything but this is how things are.I don't love him anymore the way I did and the way he expects me to!!!!


-----------------To be continued on 14th February------------------------

P.S. You can drop in your suggestions for the girl...  and for Anay/Aditya as well :D :D :D
Note: It is purely FICTIONAL and if it resembles your life it is a COINCIDENCE ONLY!!!!

Please talk to me!!!!!!!!

| Sunday, January 15, 2012
It was the second sunday of the cold month of January!!!
I was anxiously waiting for his call.We were supposed to meet up that day.

Time was ticking away fast as it was a winter day.It was almost dusk.He did not call up.
I waited till 8 PM but no call-no text-no fb message-NOTHING at all...

He had asked me not to call him as he had "SOME WORK".

This wasn't the first time that he had kept me waiting for his call.It was the 5th consecutive time that he was not going to meet me....!!

There was a time when he met me on every sunday.There was a time when we could talk for hours together on NOTHING at all.However, his approach towards me had changed a lot since the last few times.

He was not talking to me the way he used to.
He did not call me up frequently like he did few months back.
He is not my boyfriend,so obviously I don't have to ask him the reason for his cold behaviour.

I remember one day when we were BEST FRIENDS in the real sense and we fought over something.
He had told me "You'll miss me the day I stop talking to you.You'll realize my worth the day you don't see me on facebook chat anymore.You'll understand what I mean to you the day when I won't tease you on gtalk.Perhaps you won't know all that now but once we stop talking to each other and I stop teasing you on skype video chats you will come to know the importance of BEST FRIENDS.Don't take me for granted sweetheart.I might not remain the same in the time to come...."

Saying so he winked at me and gave me a huge smile.For a moment I was speechless but then I burst out laughing just to break the silence which was a bit tough for me to handle!!!!

After coming home that day I had imagined a time WITHOUT him in my life and I had tears in my eyes....
Today I was feeling something of the same sort.The only difference was the tears today were for the reality which was slowly coming towards me....
Now playing : Rehna tu hai jaisa tu...thoda sa dard tu,thoda sukun...

Who do you select????? Part 2

| Tuesday, January 10, 2012
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It is weird what kind of crossroads life brings you to!!!
You have to choose between two people who are very close to your heart.
It is tough to decide,whether you break the heart of your best friend who has been with you always or the other guy who claims to STAY WITH YOU ALWAYS in the time to come..!!

Don't think too much.Just be thankful if you're not in such a situation!! :D :D :D

Awesome beginning of a new year??? Kidding???

| Monday, January 9, 2012
I got to learn some most important lessons of life on 1st day of the year 2012...

1) Don't judge anyone.You might not be knowing what life is at someone else's end....

2) Some people are plain impossible...!!! and that too inspite of being strangers/acquaintances!!!!!!!!

Read on to know details! :)

I honestly did not want to write about this.This isn't a matter of pride for anyone but still I thought of sharing it with you..! :)

On the first day of 2012[1st January 2012] :-

I received a message on facebook from a random person which kind of ruined my first day of the NEW YEAR!!!!
I did not even care a bit about him and I obviously still don't!
Let us name him "XYZ" [Read : loser] for the sake of convenient conversation! :)

The message was as follows :-

"Has anything positive ever happened to you or your life?Always blogging and updating about all the sorrows and hardships you've been through!There was not a single moment during the whole 2011 in which you smiled?"

There's still more to this but I won't write it here! :)
[Note : This is a direct copy-paste.No language has been changed]

I have no problem with this person telling me such a thing.Everyone has AN OPINION.There are so many of my friends who don't read me and even tell me "I hate your dark poems".
I am absolutely fine with it.
Even I don't like reading on certain subjects so it is natural for everyone to have a flair for certain types of articles/write ups!
But no one gave a stranger the right to judge me.

Let me tell you something.
I have people in my facebook friend list who update moment to moment occurences in their life!!!!
A friend of mine was using facebook before 30 minutes to her wedding and during the dinner time of her wedding too...What I wish to convey is it is her life,her wedding,her account,her family and entirely her space.
I'm no one to intrude in that.

similarly if you don't like what I write,just ignore...
Why the hell do you come to me,humiliate me and then on the top of it delete me from your friendlist!!!
I have no issues with me being deleted.Actually that made me more than happy!!! :)
It is better not to have such useless fellas in the friendlist.

But he should have done that without telling me all that crap!!!!
Oh ya..
What else did that person tell me...!!

"I'm sorry I can't stand all these things and just told you about it!But a guy like me would never like to see on the darker side of anything...A guy like me would findout something positive even from death! LoL"


Well,if he is so GREAT that he can see positive in everything, then why not MY DARK POEMS?

Answer this, XYZ!!! :P :P :P

It is my facebook account,my laptop,my hands,my blog,my space,my words,my thoughts and MY LIFE!
It has no resemblance to your life,so please take care of your own life and don't interfere in mine if you don't know what it is like or it has been like!!!



"You" are IMPORTANT!!!!

| Sunday, January 8, 2012
You are important in my life if any "one" of the following holds true...
Yet another post for the ones who missed out reading the previous post/who were not mentioned in it.

I want to begin 2012 by writing about all the "NICE" people of my life! :)
So this one's yet another effort to reach out to them who were disappointed on reading the previous post...

I consider you awesome if :-

I reply to your text immediately.
I appear online to you on facebook.[Most of the people on my facebook friend list are in the "AVOID" list] :)
Some details about my AVOID list :-
My avoid list is updated everyday :.P [mostly additions are only made]... I am offline most of the time these days due to exams..You can enlarge the images and check it out! :)

And best part is it suggests me new people everyday to add in that list.... :) :)
Okay continuing with the main subject of my post..

You're AWESOME if :-

You knew this secret of mine before I blogged about it and you know  the names of the persons too,who are to be avoided !! ;) [No hard feelings anyone]
I have ever blogged about "US".
I have a picture of you and me! :)
I don't write on your facebook wall to wish you but CALL you up or TEXT you at 12 AM on your birthday.
No matter how busy I am,I receive your call. :)
I don't care about the time while talking to you...! <3
You know you irritate me.Even after that if I talk to you,you must be amazingly SPECIAL to me....
You hate Ahmedabad?Well,if I still talk to you politely,you are important.[but still not more than my Amdavad :P].
If I am invisible on gtalk/yahoo/skype and I am still talking to you,I LOVE YOU! :)
If you reply with a "K" and "hmm"...and if I still make efforts to make conversation with you,you perhaps have no idea how much you mean to me...
I have ever liked/commented on your status/photo/any other update.
I have ever smiled/laughed/cried when I talked to you.
I have commented on any of your blog post.[Some blogs of "FAMILIAR" strangers hold an important place in my life.They cheer me up and console me and make me realize I'm NOT THE ONLY ONE]
I have shared ANYTHING personal with you or anything which ruined my day!
I have placed sleep as a second priority and put "YOU" as the FIRST!
I have ever tagged you in a photograph! :D

I appreciate[Read "LOVE"]  you a lot if you accidently hang up on me, and I immediately call you back! :)

Attested and sealed with "LOL" ... [Lots of love] ;)

To the VERY VERY special people of 2011

| Sunday, January 1, 2012

Prescript: Wishing EVERYONE a very happy new year! :) Do not feel left out even if you are not featured in this post! :) :) Leave a message here in case you wish to tell me anything or simply comment on this post...
I know I've missed out on some very important moments of 2011 in this post.I will post it on 8th January! :)

This post is for the people who occupied most of the thoughts I had in 2011...

5(plus two) people became very special for me in 2011...
They made me smile, made me cry and were responsible for most of the posts I made on my blog in the year that was... :)

I am not going to name anyone, but I'm sure they would understand what I mean... 
_ . _ . _ . _ . _ . _ . _ . _ . _ . _ . _ . _ . _ . _ . _ . _ . _ . _ . _
Starting with first week of June 2011(11th June), a random add request with "1" mutual friend...He doesn't read my blog but he is a great friend! :) I won't say more about him 'cause he doesn't read this! :P :P
He considers me his sister-in-law! :P :P I don't even know who my sister is ;) [That's 'cause he is not married yet! :P]
He is the one who gifted me my DREAM on my 23rd birthday(21/11/2011)!!
 :) My domain name "wherethoughtsarewords".No amount of gratitude is enough to thank him for that! :) I am still grateful and will always be! :)

Going to July 2011....Mid July.. :)
I came across a girl who was like another me!!!!!!! :)
Crazy in love, obsessed with the one she loved, JUST LIKE ME! :)
She wrote love poems, love quotes, posted romantic status messages on facebook targeted to the special one in her life...The only difference is she has been lucky to have the one she loves LOVE HIM BACK! :)

Whenever I feel low and crib in front of her, she always says "Everything would be okay, sweetheart.I'll pray for both of you...." and it makes me have an instant smile...

She's just like a best friend!!! :)
Cheers to my sweetest friend of 2011 and lot many years to come!!!!! :)

The third person is the one who showed me "Not all guys are the same..."....
July 29th 2011...The day I came across this wonderful guy...!! <3
The guy who showed me that all guys are not jerks and players.There're decent and sober guys too ! :)
He's the one I wanted to fall for, but couldn't! :P
Yes, that's 'cause I knew he would never fall for me. :)
No doubt, he irritates me a lot.He gets on my nerves sometimes...But he's an answer to the question-"How a guy should be"....! :)
So this is to thank that special guy who was the first one to wish me on my new year[27/10/2011] and the last one to wish me on my birthday...or rather third last !! :)
He is the one who sent me the cutest text of my life so far and obviously the cutest one in 2011...
On 11th September 2011,we were texting each other and it was around midnight ... I simply asked him :-"When're you planning to sleep?"
And he texted back :- "While talking to you..."
Note :- This might not mean a lot to you/ he might not even remember it, but to me??? Well, it meant the WORLD for a moment! :)

We actually chatted with each other through smileys and three lettered acronyms like DNA,RNA etc...Forget it,you won't get it! :)

He called me up on 27/10/2011 for the last time but I still remember exactly how he sounds like and his cute way of talking! :)
I have a simple wish this year.I just want to see him once at a place other than my laptop! :)

Okay,let me cut this short otherwise I shall keep talking about him...BUT 

वो ORIGINAL PIECE है..पैसा लगने चाहिए उसे देखने के लिए!! :)
A special song dedication to him :-  ♫ ♪ कहने को जश्न-ए-बहारा है..इश्क ये देखके हेऱा है....!! :)  ♫ ♪

वैसे तो तेरी ना में भी मैंने ढूंढ़ ली अपनी ख़ुशी...तू जो अगर हा कहे तो बात होगी और ही..!! :)
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The fourth person is my world in this world! :D
Well,he is the one who makes me look forward to TOMORROW...
He is the one who is the first person to flash before my eyes when I close my eyes.
Be it for praying, Be it blinking or be it closing eyes before going to sleep,I never forget to think about him! :)
I miss him with eyes open and see him with eyes closed.
He is a lot more than what words can say about him! :)
He has lots of posts for him on this blog so I need not write anything else! :)

I guess he likes this song:-  ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ तेरी दीवानी...दीवानी..हो गई मै मतवारी..मोहे सुध-बुध ना रही तन मन की...के मैं जाऊं वारी वारी.. तेरे नाम से जी लूँ , तेरे नाम से मर जाऊं...

The fifth person is .......ummmmm...He is the one who can make me read "long" ...really long posts without waiting for it to end.He writes awesome and besides,I simply love talking to HIM!

Skype,yahoo,gtalk,facebook,We've tried it all! :)
Yahoo doodle also! :D
Late night phone calls,late night texts,texts while he's traveling and what not...
I love it when he sings "Why this Kolaveri Di....Yempty life, girl come..." ...
:) :) :) :)
2011 got me pretty attached to him! :)
I don't know about him but I surely miss him if we don't get to talk! :)

 "Close to his mother tongue" kinda song dedication for him :-  ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪  Why this Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri Di...
Soup song...Flop song...
_____________I REQUEST HIM TO LIKE MY PAGE ON FACEBOOK!!!!_____________

The next person I'm going to talk about is my only college friend I miss!!! :)
She's so adorable and sweet.I like sharing things with her.Yes,she sometimes gets irritated 'cause I over react and always tells me "Disha, you exaggerate everything..." But still she's a great friend.She always tells me "Disha,why do you keep posting pessimistic stuff on facebook.What makes you do so all the time...?"
And inspite of her telling me so many times,I don't listen to her! :D
She's the only girl who actually encouraged me to pursue what I am good at, by saying--"Others don't come to breathe for you,do they?"...That was the most genuine remark made by anyone among my friends.When things were not quite right in her life,I felt REALLY BAD!!! :( 
I would have never hurt her the way "SOMEONE" did...Nevertheless,I won't talk more about it.In a nutshell,I miss her a lot.I hope she reads this! :)

Last but not the least, I want to talk about the one who is like a sister to me! :)
I am not quite close to her yet but I'm pretty much looking forward to that! 
She is the one because of whom I could watch Breaking Dawn on the third day after its release.
I'm not mentioning her in this post because of that as the sole reason;She's even a great company to be with! :)
Hope I can write more on "ME and HER" in 2012! :)

This one's to the five(plus two) most special people who I came closer to, in 2011...
Thank you 2011...!! :) :)
I have a small wish to be a part of all those five(plus two) people throughout their life, just like the way they are going to be a part of me even YEARS DOWN THE LINE...
I hope they remember me & say..."Oh that girl...She is my friend and I miss her sometimes..." :)

Fingers crossed- I hope I don't have to say - "He/She was( used to be ) my friend! :(
I love them! :)
They'll always have a BIASED place in my life! :)
....and anything they do is FORGIVEN and FORGOTTEN!!!!! <3

I would like to mention about my sister's mini-engagement ceremony on 06/10/2011which made her smile and wait eagerly for the rest of her life! :)
I hope my dear sister gets all the happiness in the world and she has a fairytale story in her REAL LIFE! :)
I am glad she has the man of her dreams with her through the thick and thin.
I wish they continue to be "love birds" throughout their life!!! TOUCH WOOD again!!! ^_^
I compliment her with all the best wishes and heartfelt congratulations for the beginning of a new journey on 11/02/2012....
May you have lots of memorable moments with your life partner all your life! :)

The little princess of her father and always a kid to her mom will finally make her way to a new home and step in a new world waiting to warmly embrace her! :)

On this note,I would like to thank my sister,Ankita for being a special feature of this post! :)

And not to miss out the five(plus two) people who are still on my mind... :)

Why don't you ever leave my mind?? :P

Wishing everyone a very happy new year.I hope 2012 has some surprises waiting for me...SOME PLEASANT SURPRISES! :) 

P.S. Sorry I talk a lot! :( :( :( I can even talk more about them and even write volumes on the amazing moments I have had with them 

P.S. If you've realized that I've talked about you in this post, Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for being the person you are! :) I really adore you! :)

[I don't know about their perception about me, I simply hope I occupy a little corner of their heart]! :) :) :)
  WELCOME 2012 :) 


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