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Anurag-Keerthi... The cute conversations... Part 4

| Wednesday, June 6, 2012
Continued from Part 3...

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After around 15 minutes...

Anurag: Oi, you there???
Keerthi: Haa say..
Anurag: What do your parents do?
Keerthi: My dad's a doctor- gynecologist and my mom's a housewife.She used to be a teacher.
Anurag: Ohhh same pinch.Even my mom's a teacher.
Keerthi: Great... :) And what about your dad?
Anurag: He's an architect.
Keerthi: Oh sounds interesting...
Anurag: Yeah... It just sounds :P
Keerthi: Haha.. good one!!!
Anurag: Okay I'll leave now.. Byeee...TC
Keerthi: Oh okay.. Byeee..
Anurag: Oh by the way, when can I expect to see you online again Dr. Keerthi?
Keerthi: Anurag, I'm usually online at night everyday.. :)and you being a busy guy,I should be asking you this question. When will you be online next???
Anurag: I'm bad at predicting my future 'cause engineers have a very uncertain future!!! :P For now I can just say I will be online next sunday most probably...!!
Keerthi: Ohh so I will have to wait 6 more days !! :) hehe.. Anyways even I have to go now..TC..Have a great week ahead...
Anurag: Thanks a lot and wish you too the same.Cyaa..

A week went off as usual. Keerthi missed Anurag and she was regretting not having shared her number with Anurag but she could do nothing about it.She just waited for 22nd February to come as early as possible.

Strange as it may seem but Keerthi waited the whole sunday for Anurag to get online.
And finally at 9,he came online.

Anurag: Hey sweetheart :)
Keerthi[SHOCKED]: Oh hiee.. when did I become your sweetheart????????????
Anurag: Well I know you have a sweet heart ;)
Keerthi: .....
Anurag: So what's up?
Keerthi: Nothing... Tomorrow again a horrible MONDAY...
Anurag: Don't remind me that ugly truth... :P
Keerthi: Tomorrow is a monday,Anurag!!!!!!! MOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNDAYYYYYYYYY :P :P :P
Anurag: Shut up, will you!!!!!
Keerthi: Okay :|
Anurag: I have come to the conclusion that you are indeed very polite!!!! :)
Keerthi: Thanks.. Where were you busy ?? :D
Anurag: Nothing.. Just with friends...
Keerthi: Oh for a change.. you are not busy with work??????????????? WOW!!!!
Anurag: Actually to be honest with you, I've had a bit too much of beer!!!!! :P :P
Keerthi: So I can expect a few more truths to be revealed from you????
Anurag: HAHA!!! Too bad for you,there are no more to be revealed!!!! :D
Keerthi: Okay so now I'm convinced the beer is not working.... :)
Anurag: It is!!! Ask me anything and you will know!! :D
Keerthi: So how about the most cliched question... Do you smoke???
Anurag: I absolutely hate tobacco.
Keerthi: Awesomeeeeeee!!! :) For a change, A GUY WHO DOESN'T SMOKE!!!!!! :)
Anurag: I do drink occasionally. But no weed ;)
Keerthi: Good !!!! What are you doing right now???
Anurag: You mean apart from talking to you?????? Well, nothing that important!!!!!
Keerthi: Ohhhhhh I think today is one of my lucky days when a guy is flattering me...That is a real good line to impress a girl!!
Anurag: All my lines are good...So are you impressed???
Keerthi: I already am since I stalked you... :P
Anurag: Ohhhhh I see...
Keerthi: Yaaa..
Anurag: Busy or what?
Keerthi: Not at all... and even if I am, NOT FOR YOU!!! :)
Anurag: Ohhh and may I ask why the special treatment, ma'am???
Keerthi: Just like that!! :)
Anurag: I see...
Keerthi: Alright...!!!!
Anurag: Your pics are so awesome... You look as cute as a squirrel... :)
Keerthi: Hahahaha.. How about I call you a rabbit??? :D
Anurag: As you wish,Dr. Keerthi!!!! :)
Keerthi: What else? What time is office tomorrow?
Anurag: Oh God!!!! Don't remiiiiiiiiind me girl!!!!!
Keerthi: Fineeeeee!!!
Anurag: I have office from 9:30 to 9:30... No time for myself.I sleep at 10 since the past so many days....I'm fed up of this Reliance communications!!!!!!
Keerthi: But you get a handsome payment, Don't you??? No pain,no gain!!! :|
Anurag: It is easy for you to say things. Walk a mile in my shoes and you'll know what it is!!!
Keerthi: Frankly speaking, I fancy engineers and so many friends of mine earn so well and that too in a city like B'lore...They go to pubs and malls,spend money and enjoy their life...Thats what I see engineers as!!!!
Anurag: Keerthi, it is not always what you see...Sometimes you need to see within...!! :)
Keerthi: True, dear rabbit!!!! :)
Anurag: Thanks, dear squirrel!! :P
Keerthi: Hehe..
Anurag: I think I should hop away to bed now :P ..!! :)
Keerthi: Ya sure!!! :) Good night...
Anurag: GNSDTC! :)
Keerthi: SD TC! Byeee.. Enjoy the week ahead.
Anurag: You too.. Bye.

A few more chat conversations after that day brought Anurag and Keerthi a lot closer. They became very good friends.

In April 2009, finally Keerthi shared her number with Anurag and they became the best of friends...The inseparables!!! :)


To be continued...

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