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What if this isn't everything it should be????

I'm not even sure how I feel....!! !!

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He'd share his life with me and my whole life he'd touch;
Maybe somewhere, someone longs to hear me call;
Or maybe, yes, I realized, maybe there is none at all...

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Part 3 ---- Anurag-Keerthi... The RELATIONSHIP...

| Saturday, May 26, 2012
Part 1.
Part 2.


This is the third part of Anurag and Keerthi's STORY...


Keerthi could not sleep after that conversation with Anurag.
She felt there was something between them.
She kinda knew that there was an invisible bond between them.
Her gut feeling told her they would surely have a story to tell!!!!!

Keerthi called me up at 2:43 AM.
Had it been for someone else,I would have totally ignored the call.But Keerthi was my best friend and I just had to receive her call...

As soon as I pressed the "Answer" button, Keerthi started!!!!

"I am not sleepy...Guess what happened!!!! Remember that guy Anurag about whom I had told you in 2006..."

"Huhhh.... It is 2:45 in the morning,Keerthi...What do you expect me to do..I do remember someone named Anurag... but why are you talking about him today and that too all of a sudden?"

"I think I like him..."

"WHATTTTTTTT? You like a guy you haven't met?Do you even know what you're talking about???Are you drunk or something????"

"I don't know all that but it seems like there has to be something between him and me...."

"Keerthi, go off to sleep.Don't waste time.You're a medical student and it is not right for you to think about a guy who is miles away and nothing practically is possible between both of you. Remember, HE DOESN'T GIVE A DAMN YET"....

"Whatever that is!!! I don't care..and I'm not drunk. I just know I feel something for him I've never felt for any other guy.That's it.And he will give a damn SOON!!!Just wait and watch..."

"Okay.. call him and tell him all this rubbish...We shall talk after that!!!!"

"That is the worst part... He even asked for my number but I acted oversmart and did not share my number with him...SHITTTTTTTTTT...I miss him!!!"

"I can't believe I am talking to you,Keerthi.. and you are acting so immature...How can you miss a guy with whom you have just chatted and that too FOR ONLY ONE TIME"....

"I don't know all that... I just know he's going to be special... Anyways you go off to sleep... Sorry for the crap!! Good night sweetie.."

"Alright...Good night and don't think much about your "ANURAG"... he's out of reach,honey"

"We shall see that SOON!!!Byeeee..."

"Okay.. byeee...take care!!"

........And Keerthi hung up.....


15th February 2009...

As usual Keerthi came online after a rest-filled sunday.
It was 10 PM and she was pretty glad to see something!!!!

That something was "ANURAG IS ONLINE" notification on her yahoo messenger.

She waited for him to start a conversation and lucky for her...HE DID START!!!!!!! :)


Anurag :- What's up,pretty girl? :D
Keerthi :- [to herself :- YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.. he called me pretty.. ][blushing] :- Hey Hie Anurag.. How was your sunday at work???
Anurag :- Please don't ask. It sucks!!!
Keerthi :- It sure does...!! BTW who else is there in your family?
Anurag :- Me and my parents,grandparents,an elder brother...What about you?
Keerthi :- Me and my parents...
Anurag :- Oh great..
Keerthi :- Hmmm.. Do you have to work every sunday???
Anurag :- Not really.. But ya.. for some sundays...
Keerthi :- That is really horrible...
Anurag :- You bet!!!!
Keerthi :- What else???
Anurag :- Are you in a relationship??
Keerthi :- Not really... And you???
Anurag :- Why??? You planning to marry me??? :D
Keerthi :- No I thought you were planning that 'cause you asked me first!! :P
Anurag :- Smart girl you are!! :P I'm single!!
Keerthi :- Cool!! :P
Anurag :- Yeah you sound like a real Bangalorean...
Keerthi :- AHAA...So how many Bangaloreans have you been with?
Anurag :- None except you!! :) But heard a lot...
Keerthi :- Like what???
Anurag :- Like nothing about the people... Just about the life there...The traffic jams and all...
Keerthi :- Oh ya!! Traffic here is horrible!!
Anurag :- Hmm... may be.. !! :)

To be continued...

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