.....from this hypocrisy & pretence......
What if this isn't everything it should be????

I'm not even sure how I feel....!! !!

Maybe somewhere, someone loves me so much;
He'd share his life with me and my whole life he'd touch;
Maybe somewhere, someone longs to hear me call;
Or maybe, yes, I realized, maybe there is none at all...

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It is time to change "YOURSELF"! :)

| Thursday, March 15, 2012
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"It is time I restore my life...    
It is time I heal me-myself ...
  It is time to believe in me...
 It is time to change...
and change for good..." :)

In the uncertainty of life,everything seems perfect,complete and beautiful from far away.Life as we see from someone else's eyes always looks without any absurdity and absolutely flawless.Relationships too,whether they are yours or someone else's always seem amazing from a distance.However,looking at it more closely invariably presents a different story.

We always think others have a better life than ours.We never usually stop to think how beautiful our life is just because we are actually ALIVE!

It is a blessing to wake up alive each day.Breathe in a bit of gratitude and exhale the negativities which seem to pollute your beautiful life...!

I know it is always easier to preach,give advices and talk about all these philosophical things.

I myself could not really practise what I should have actually done few days back.I used to get depressed,I used to get upset,I used to get hurt.I used to resist any kind of "change".Be it relationships,be it my outlook towards life or be it anything else around me which would affect me in the slightest way.I know expectations lead to disappointments in relationships,but it was not so easy "NOT TO EXPECT" some days back.I used to live in a fairytale world quite distant from realities of life.I conveniently tend to expect a lot from the ones I got close to.We all do that.We even make certain impractical demands which we might later realize were not right to make!

"Change" is a word which makes me think about all the "not-so-perfect" things around me including ME!
Nothing is perfect in this world.I won't talk about any "larger than life" changes the world around me needs.The prevailing education policies,political system of India as a democracy,the never ending issues of corruption,poverty,illiteracy,population explosion,terrorism,unemployment and lot of other "inside" issues like prostitution which have conveniently been overlooked in our society and ever increasing crimes like rape,thefts and murders.
I strongly believe the quote given by the most respected father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi-- 
"Be the change you want to see in the world".

Charity certainly begins at home.In the same way,CHANGE is something which at first "we" need to have in "our life".

How can we expect to change the world around us when we ourselves are not prepared to change?If you yourself are hesitant to change,you can naturally not expect anyone else to do the same.
I am not perfect,No one is....But I can surely try to be.Even you can...In fact,we all can.I don't mean we all can be perfect merely by just making some changes in life.We are all human and mistakes are what make us "HUMAN".
After all, to err is human.I don't think I or anyone else would be able to completely surpass that limitation.However,we can put in our earnest efforts in doing the same.If we expect someone to fulfill our expectations,we also need to put in some efforts to fulfill their expectations.

I'll take my own self as an instance.
I had fallen for someone who could never be mine,for someone who could never value me.He was someone who did not deserve me.He claimed to stay away from the beautiful thing called "love".It was then that I realized that I have to change.I have to change my perception about him.He is not even close to being the one I should settle for.I had a lot of turbulence at that time within me.Emotional agitation had taken over me.I was broken and immensely vulnerable.Not only because of HIM but there were certain other things too which were disturbing me at that time.Those tough times made me realize the need to change the way I look at things and people,the way I see my friends and that special one-the only guy I truly loved in all these years.I took to meditation and introspection and trust me,it helped me a lot to gain the lost peace of my mind and to overcome all the instability and restlessness within me.

It is surely a positive change in me.It doesn't matter anymore even if I cannot have that special person in my life.I have a lot more than that.I have my PEACE OF MIND which matters more than anything else.My life is not COMPLETELY perfect but it is surely peaceful and more than that I am happy with its imperfections and the little things which make me content with what I am.

Changing one's self is not just reading this and arguing over it or discussing it theoretically.It takes time and more importantly it takes a combination of determination,conviction,self-observation and the will to change.Take for example Anna Hazare's campaign for Lokpal bill.Just supporting "Anna Hazare" by wearing a white-colored cap with the words "I am Anna" won't make any instant changes in our country or make everyone "Anna Hazare".The real challenge in today's world is being true to YOUR OWN SELF and conscientious when no one is watching you.Everyone can be true to show off to the world and pretend to be HONEST,TRUTHFUL and all those adjectives which are sometimes mere words and just a farce to make yourself look "FAIR" and "RESPECTABLE"..Instead of having a narrow-minded self-righteous approach in life,it is more commendable to leave aside the hypocrisy and have the courage to say "Yes,I made a mistake.I was wrong.I'm sorry"....
I guess if every individual makes  sincere efforts to change HIMSELF for good and have certain principles,morals and ethics in life,the world would be a better and more enviable place to live in.At the first thought,even this might seem impossible but believe me it really works and it helps you be a better human being.

Imagine if everyone makes genuine attempts to be a better human being,how livable the world would be and how awesome the people around us would be!!!

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{ Chirag Joshi } at: Friday, March 16, 2012 said...

nice post and i loved it
you take a total different side of this theme

{ Where thoughts are Word$ } at: Friday, March 16, 2012 said...

Thanks a lot Chirag! :)


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