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How it all started between Anurag and Keerthi ?????????

| Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Read the relevant post HERE!...

Note :- All characters are PURELY IMAGINARY! :)

A special word of thanks to ANURAG for sharing this awesome story with me & granting me the permission to write it...! :)
Thank youuuuuuuuu Anurag...and thanks for sharing your gtalk password too! :D :D :D

Disclaimer for the disclaimer:-
None of the disclaimers related to this story are TRUE! :P

It all started on 14th February 2009,Saturday! :)

Anurag-Keerthi owe their amazing relationship to the picture uploaded by Keerthi on14/02/2009

Their first chat conversation went on something like this.....!!

On gtalk :-
Keerthi :- Hey can you come on yahoo messenger,Anurag?
Anurag :- Sure messenger id is anurag_ag710
Keerthi :- Alright see you there! 

On yahoo messenger
Keerthi :- Hey Hiee..Thanks Anurag! :) 
Anurag :- Hi Keerthi... Thanks ??? kis liye?? [ Translation :- For what?? ]

Keerthi :- For that comment on my card... :-/
Anurag :- Ohh.. most welcome! :) It was really awesome...
Keerthi :- Thanks Thanks...
Anurag :- And BTW I love your facebook page and your blog too.. :)
Keerthi :- Oh gracias :D
Anurag :- So how many other languages can you thank me in?
Keerthi :- French may be :P :P
Anurag :- HAHA...So what do you do??
Keerthi :- Well I am a doctor in making.. :) And I know you are an EC engineer... :)
Anurag :- So you're a doctor?????? :O
Keerthi :- Why? Is it so unbelievable?? You're an engineer???
Anurag :- Tu puch rahi hai ya bata rahi hai? :P You seem to know loads about me already! :D [ Translation :- Are you 'telling' me or 'asking' me? ]
Keerthi :- I seem like a stalker already!!!!!!
Anurag :- How come then I know nothing about you? :D
Keerthi :- Thats because guys don't stalk! :)
Anurag :- So anything else that I should know about my stalker??
Keerthi :- Actually on a serious note,you follow my blog and I just stumbled or rather purposely tripped on your blogger profile! :)
Anurag :- Shit.. thats it????? me bekar me apne aap ko famous samaj raha tha!! :D [ Translation :- I was considering myself famous without any reason ] 
Keerthi :- hahaha.. So did you think I actually stalked you? :P
Anurag :- I was hoping you did! :)
Keerthi :- BTW check out this card ...  I'm sure you would like it...

Anurag :- Hey that is again an awesome one! :)
Keerthi :- Thanks a lot.. :) And BTW where do you stay in Jaipur?
Anurag :- So you even know I stay in Jaipur?????????? tu kya hai be? I stay near Agrasen Nagar... 
[ Translation :- What kind of a person are you?????? :O ]
Keerthi :- Shit .. this is creepy... I also know you're from Udaipur! :D
Anurag :- hehehe...Too bad for you ...You'll have to tell me about you yourself 'cause your facebook profile says nothing about you! :) I want you to stop feeling creepy ;)
Keerthi :- hehe.. I'm from Bangalore... I am studying in M.S Ramaiah Medical College-Bangalore.Where have you studied??
Anurag :- haha.. Stalking did not give this information about me? :P Arya college of engineering tolerated me :P It is very close to my residence...
Keerthi :- Nahi.. tabhi to pucha.. :) :)....alright.. ^_^ [ Translation : No Thats the reason I asked :P ]
Anurag :- I wonder why you did not talk to me despite knowing so much about me... :D
Keerthi :- To be honest, I am bad at breaking the ice and start a conversation... :)
Anurag :- Doesn't seem so... :)
Keerthi :- Hehe.. I guess I am just a slow starter ;)
Anurag :- You are probably good company! :D
Keerthi :- Thanks ji.. I thought you would be having lots of other friends in life.. :)
Anurag :- And how do you know that??
Keerthi :- 743 friends on facebook !! usme se KAM SE KAM 100 to ladkiya hogi hi.. :) [ Translation :- Out of those 743 friends, atleast 100 would be girls...]
Anurag :- 100?? zyada hogi.. :D [ Translation :- There would be more than 100 girls.. :P :P ]
Keerthi :- Yeah true..May be thats why you take so much time to reply ! :)
Anurag :- Me??? OMG..
Keerthi :- Ya.. aap bahot wait karvate ho... [ Translation :- You make me wait for a very long time ]
Anurag :- AAP?????? :O
Keerthi :- haha.. you're one year minus three days elder to me :P
Anurag :- Oh so when is your birthday??
Keerthi :- 4/10 .. one year after yours! :)
Anurag :- Ohh libran eh?
Keerthi :- Yeah.. same league :D
Anurag :- Nice yar!! :)
Keerthi :- Hmmm..
Anurag :- BTW you are way too polite.. :)
Keerthi :- Doctors are meant to be POLITE! :)
Anurag :- Itni hi polite hai to zara number dena... :) [ Translation :- If you're so polite,you wouldn't even mind giving your number, hm?? ]
Keerthi :- haha.. :D aapka de dijiye.. [ Translation :- Give me yours.. ]
Anurag :- Oyee please don't call me aap..pagli ! :D and mujhe number dene me koi problem nahi hai.. :) [ Translation :- I don't mind giving my number ]
Keerthi :- Thik hai "tu" :)
Anurag :- Yaa.. BTW we were talking about numbers
Keerthi :- Agar number de diya to tujhe mere baare me zyada pata chal jayega!! :D soch le.. fir sarcasm sehna padega mera :P [ Translation :- If I give you my number, you would come to know more about me than I know about you.. :P Think about it once again.. you would have to bear with my sarcasm too ]
Anurag :- I don't mind sarcasm as long as you're cute! :P
Keerthi :- Hehe.. tujhe kaise pata I'm cute! :P and one more number to your loooooooooooooong contact list.. hm??? :D [ Translation :- How did you come to know I'm cute? ]
Anurag :- How did you know it was long???
Keerthi :- Yaar pata chal jata hai..I know it for sure! :)
Anurag :- Par kaiseeeeee?? I have to hide those reasons from my wife.. ;)
Keerthi :- 742 friends + me ..REMEMBER??? :P
Anurag :- Okay.. tell me do you have to go to clinics even on sunday?
Keerthi :- Why??? You want to come in for a consultation?? :D
Anurag :- Nahi re..I was planning to steal you away to Jaipur for a quick dinner! :)
Keerthi :- But why steal???
Anurag :- Permission de denge tere parents???????
Keerthi :- Would the other "CUTE" girls be joining me???
Anurag :- Depends on how cute you're! :P
Keerthi :- Ummmmmm.. what if I am not? :P
Anurag :- To??? Its just dinner..How does it matter? You are good company all the same..
Keerthi :- Okay lets make  a me your picture...I shall show you mine... :D
Anurag :- I prefer not getting clicked.. :)
Keerthi :- That is too bad an excuse..A lamest one :P
Anurag :- An honest one, girl..
Keerthi :- Fine.. tere jaisa kon ho.. check out this picture...[ Translation :- I'm not like you.. :P ]!!
Anurag :- You have good eyes , girl.. big black ones!! Okay accepted..tu cute to hai! :D
Keerthi :- Good for me :D 
Anurag :- ......And you look just as young and sweet as you sound..
Keerthi :- I sound??? 
Anurag :- I mean talk! :P
Keerthi :- Engineers are simply geniuses..They can hear me while I type..Awesome just the way they are!! :D
Anurag :- I know man..I am a rockstar...
Keerthi :- haha..rockstar... like James Douglas??? :P
Anurag :- No no.. not like him.. In fact not like ANYONE...a unique one ! :P
Keerthi :- Engineers are rockstars? :P
Anurag :- Nahin.. not all.. but I am! :D
Keerthi :- I see... :D
Sorry actually I don't see... :P
Anurag :- You won't either! :P
Keerthi :- I don't even want to.. now! :|
Anurag :- Anyways I better be sleeping now.. Office tomorrow too .. even on sunday!! :(
Keerthi :- Ohhhh that's bad.. :( Alright tc.. byeeee ... good night..
Anurag :- GN SD TC! cyaa.. enjoy the weekend...


Keerthi somehow couldn't sleep after this conversation...!!
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 P.S. I'm thankful to Anurag and Keerthi once again for sharing with me their chat conversation...

My special word of thanks to "Anurag" for his priceless contribution to this post...

No words of gratitude would be enough to thank them for their valuable time! :)

------------To be CONTINUED....-----------AS AND WHEN TIME PERMITS...

4 opinions:

{ Kajal } at: Sunday, March 11, 2012 said...

such a sweet beginning of a love story.

Glad o have found you at indiblogger. Your newest follower and a regular visitor now,

{ Where thoughts are Word$ } at: Sunday, March 11, 2012 said...

Thanks a lot Kajal! :)

{ Chirag Joshi } at: Monday, March 12, 2012 said...

sweet and lovely story
i can relate it

{ Where thoughts are Word$ } at: Monday, March 12, 2012 said...

Thank youuuuu Chirag!! :)



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