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Review for Jodi Breakers

| Friday, February 24, 2012
This movie review for "Jodi Breakers" is not written/copied/stolen from any other movie critic/magazine/website/newspaper! :)

Watch "Jodi Breakers" for sure if you are R. Madhavan fan.
You'll definitely fall for Bipasha even if you're a Katrina Kaif fan!! :)

She looks absolutely stunning! :)
As far as R. Madhavan is concerned I'm a bit biased for him.I love him since RHTDM. :)
Only thing I disliked was his beard in the movie! :(
Okay now about the story!
The story is not so promising. Sid and Sonali played by Madhavan and Bipasha are jodi breakers who end up joining a jodi including their own. :)
Thats the movie in just one line...
It seems like the opposite of "Band Baaja Baaraat in parts.
The concept of a scene is "inspired" [ read : copied ] from the movie Dil chahta hai...
Cast :-
R. Madhavan and Bipasha obviously look good together.I agree R. Madhavan look a bit "healthy" but thats okay if you are a partial R. Madhavan fan like me! :)
Omi Vaidya as the usual "ORATOR" whose speech has been altered has a funny role in the movie.
It is an absolute pleasure to watch the RJ turned actor Tarana Raja Kapoor on the BIG SCREEN.I missed her after 2010! :)
Dipanita Sharma looks very pretty.Milind Soman looks quite elder when compared to her wife in the movie Dipanita Sharma.
It was a pleasant surprise seeing Helen- ji in the movie! :)

Ashwini Chaudhary as the director has done a better justice to the movie as compared to her previous releases- Good Boy,Bad Boy and a few others...Despite this fact,some movie sequences are absolutely absurd and senseless in the movie like a hospital scene right after "interval" and the climax scene where some doctor breaks into the party and reveals about Milind Soman's blood reports. I wonder if the director knows about a thing called "CONFIDENTIALITY" in medical profession.Moreover,the movie has been unnecessarily stretched in the second half.
Dialogues :- ORDINARY!! :)
The lip lock between Madhavan and Bipasha failed to impress me somehow! :|

I loved the way Greece is shown in one of the songs. It is beauuuuuuutiful. :)

Music is average except for one romantic number "Mujhko teri zaroorat hai"..
*Straight* guys would love to watch the song "Bipasha". :) :) :)
I wonder why John Abraham left Bipasha! :P [I know this is irrelevant here]

In a nutshell :- An entertaining light flick.A very kind 2.75 points out of 5 to Jodi breakers...
Don't miss it if you like/love Madhavan and Bipasha! :)

Note:- This is not a "PROFESSIONAL" movie review.
I am not a movie critic like other radio jockeys and news reporters.
This is a movie review from an ordinary girl for the "common man".
I've tried to write the important points.I hope I am not missing out on anything! :)
Thank you for reading through! :)

Hear the song here :- Mujhko teri zaroorat hai
This song from the movie is just awesome...

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