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| Saturday, February 25, 2012
Keerthi was an ordinary girl staying at Bengaluru[Bangalore for me] with her parents.She was a medical student studying for her M.D. Radiology - first year.She was the beloved only child at home.She was loved and pampered just like a princess.Her father was a busy practitioner being one of the most famous gynecologists of Bangalore.Her mother was a housewife.Keerthi was an ideal daughter.She shared everything with her mom and if she did not,her mom somehow seemed to find it out from Keerthi's behavior! :)

They shared a great relationship,not as mother-daughter but as FRIENDS.

It was 24th January 2012.
Keerthi was supposed to meet Anurag that day for the first time after 6 years of  an amazing online relationship.
Anurag who??
Well Anurag was a B.E. E.C. graduate from Jaipur.He had been working for Reliance Communications,Jaipur for 18 months.He knew Keerthi since he was in the first year of college.He was studying in Arya engineering college at Jaipur.At that time,you could say Keerthi was just a 17 year old "teenager"...

How she came in touch with Anurag is a very long story.Lets just cut it short.In one line,they came in touch online!

Keerthi was not very interested in online friendships in 2006 when she was in H.S.C- Biology group.Anurag was just an acquaintance,more because they had nothing in common at that time.He was one year elder to her and was supposed to be an E.C. engineer.Keerthi wanted to be a doctor like her father who has been her inspiration.It was just a "hi-hello-how're you" relationship till 2009.And ofcourse,Anurag had lot of friends who were girls so Keerthi never mattered much.

2009 February

It was Valentines' Day...Keerthi  joined facebook that day.
14th February is her facebook account's birthday :D
Anurag had added her the same day.

Keerthi lived in a fairy tale world and she had lots of "I love you" cards which she herself had prepared.

She had uploaded one of them as it was valentines' day. It was really awesome.

Anurag was instantly impressed by that and he commented "This is an awesome one .. :) :) Loved it..."

Keerthi always appreciated "APPRECIATION" so she got online on yahoo messenger and thanked Anurag.

That was the first time they had a heart-to-heart conversation.

It was on that day Keerthi came to know that Anurag was also a Libran like her and they had just 3 days difference between their birthdays[ofcourse adding an year to it] :)

Anurag was born on 7th October and Keerthi was born on 4th October.They both were good looking, attractive and had a magnetic personality just like every libran has.

Their frequency seemed to have matched and they liked talking to each other!

After that day they used to talk everyday and if not,they used to drop each other offline messages.

16th April 2009.

I have no clue what could have struck Anurag but he asked Keerthi to switch on her webcam.
"Keerthi,please switch on your webcam.I want to see you..."

"Okay Anurag.Wait a second."

Keerthi kinda trusted Anurag and she knew he would not do hurt her or do her any wrong.

They kept talking to each other till 1:30 AM that day.

"Keerthi,I don't realize when time flies when I am with you.Whenever I talk to you,I feel like freezing time...would you please share your cell number with me?"

"Same here Anurag.I had never thought I would say this to you but I seem to be addicted to you...My cell number is 9#9)2$%^&*.It would surely be a pleasure to talk to you.I will leave now.Good night!"

"Sure Keerthi.I shall call you up today..."

"I shall look forward to hearing your voice.."

17th April 2009.

It was 12:30 PM.Keerthi was in her medicine practical room.Suddenly she felt her cellphone vibrate.She somehow knew it was Anurag.She asked her professor to excuse her as she was not feeling good.She rushed to the washroom just to talk to Anurag,not to forget she was ready to miss her important practicals for him.

She received the call and said "Hiee Anurag..."
"Hey Keerthi, how did you come to know it was me?You don't even have my number!!!!"
"Anurag,no one else would call me up during college hours...and I had been actually waiting for your call.."
"Ohh..sorry to disturb you Keerthi.Don't miss your classes.I shall call you up in the evening or lets just meet online.."
"That's okay Anurag.I shall see you online at 9 PM..Byee..Take care.."

It was almost a daily routine for Keerthi and Anurag to meet online at night.They used to see each other on webcam every once in a while.They had occasional voice calls and yahoo doodle.Anurag had once even asked Keerthi to leave a voice mail to him just 'cause he could hear her voice when he wanted to!!!

Keerthi also asked him to do the same.

They had shared their weirdest imaginations and darkest secrets with each other.They both shared every spontaneous thought/outburst with each other.They talked 4 to 5 hours online everyday.If Keerthi would not come online due to exams,Anurag also would not be seen online.There were times when Anurag asked Keerthi to switch on her webcam just because he did not even mind seeing her study.

It was December 2012.By then they had come very close to each other.They knew everything about each other-everything about their past and present.

24th January 2012.Anurag had shifted to Qualcomm-Bangalore which was a company dealing with wireless technology and innovation in the world of mobiles.

"Mom,I am going to meet Anurag.He is in Bangalore.I shall return home before 9:00 PM"...
"Ohhhhhhh so my daughter is going to meet my son-in-law.."Her mom teased Keerthi.
"Come on mom.. every guy I meet won't be your son-in-law..."
"I know darling.. but every guy you meet doesn't travel 1564 kilometers to see you..."
"How do you know all this mom?"
"Keerthi,I am your friend before I am your mom.I know Anurag is an important person in your life"
"Mom,you know a secret?I love him since 2009...17th April 2009...I shall tell you our stories after I return"
"Okay sweetheart.. Bye..Love you.."
"Love you too mummy.."

They were supposed to meet at CCD in Koramangala area.Both were dressed up in the outfits of the other's favorite colors.Anurag-Keerthi were supposed to meet at 3 PM but both of them somehow reached 20 minutes early,not because they were punctual but because they wanted to see each other as soon as possible.

Both of them recognized each other at the first glimpse.
They greeted each other and headed towards a table for two at CCD.
"Hey Anurag... I hope you had no issues reaching here.."
"Not at all Keerthi... How was your day?"
"Same here...I left my office early 'cause as it is I could not concentrate on work.."
"You know what???Even I bunked my college..."
"Ohhhhhh.. you should not have done that...Studying comes first.."
"Yes it does and it does since last 22 years of my life.I can surely put it aside for one day..."
"Sure you can...So what would you have?"
"Oh I completely forgot.This is for you.."Keerthi handed over a gift-wrapped box to Anurag.
"There was no need for this Keerthi.."
"I know Anurag but this is for the awesome moments we have shared online.It is for the times we have spend with each other.Just a token of gratitude for making me feel SPECIAL"...
"...But Keerthi...I haven't got anything for you.."
"Anurag,I don't expect you to gift wrap yourself.I have you,I have my world.."Keerthi said a lot by just one line...
"I can never ever win in an argument with you..."Saying so he accepted the gift.
"Why do you even try when you know I will win!!!!"
"Yeah right.."
"You know Anurag I am so happy.I finally got to see you.It feels great to have you by my side in the real sense..."
"Mutual feelings Keerthi... I am here for next 6 months atleast!!!!!!!!!!!"
"That feels awesome but I wonder what will I do after these 6 months...I shall miss you once again.."
"I would miss you too but I can't leave my parents alone for such a long time...I hope you understand.."
"Ofcourse I do.That is the reason I was surprised when you told me you were shifting to Bangalore.I know you can't even be 150 kilometers away from your family..."
"Yaa..but I could just not stop myself from meeting you.I knew you would never be able to make it to Jaipur.."
"How I wish I could...I never wanted you to leave your parents and come for me.."
"It is absolutely fine,Keerthi..."
"You know what Anurag...I really love you... I love you since the first day we talked on the phone... "
"Yup..I know that!!!!"
"How do you know??"
"Otherwise why would you miss your classes?"Anurag winked..
"Oh come on!!Don't pull my legs again..."
"Fine tell me what would you like to order..."
"Anything that you order!"
"You sure?"
"Obviously yar.."
"Alright.I'll just place the order and come..."
"Ya sure.."
Anurag placed the order and came to the table.

Keerthi asked Anurag,"Anurag,lets go to Nandi Hills...I am sure we would come back before 9..."
"Keerthi,I stay alone here.No one would ask me even if I am with you the whole night..But you have to reach home before your parents get tensed..They would worry for you.."
"That is fine Anurag..Lets go.."
They left CCD.

Nandi Hills is an amazing place.
While they were on the way there was an awkward kind of silence between both of them..They kept looking at each other without saying a word....
They reached the place in 1 hour 30 minutes...
"Keerthi,I need to tell you something..Please don't take me wrong"
"Anurag,what is the matter?Why have you suddenly turned so serious?"
"Keerthi,I came to Bangalore today morning and the first thing I wanted to do as soon as I arrived here was to meet you.I wanted to see you and be with you..You are the most special friend... "
He paused for a few seconds and continued.."Actually not just a friend.. A lot more than that..Before going to the most expensive malls or most beautiful sight seeing places in Bangalore,before going to UB city mall I preferred meeting you..I know you love me and that too not as a friend...But I'm afraid I won't be able to return the same feelings perhaps..."
"Anurag,you know what?When I fell for you three years back,I had not put any such conditions that you should love me back...I did not ever expect you to feel the same for me.I love you and you love our friendship...And I know you inside out so I can say that even if you are in love with me,you will never accept it and confess that "YES I AM IN LOVE"....I doubt if you would travel from Jaipur to Bangalore for "just a friend..." but thats absolutely fine.I totally understand your inhibitions.."
"Keerthi,even if I love you I would never be able to have you.I have told you before what kind of an orthodox family do I come from.They would want a Rajasthani "Marwadi" daughter in law only...."
"Anurag,It doesn't matter even if we won't end up together.I always value you as my friend.I don't have many friends in life,leave aside ONLINE friends but you are the best among all the friends I have had in my life.My mom always tells me that sometimes destiny plays games for which we blame our society...We cannot be together 'cause of destiny but we conveniently would blame society for it-- that because of this society bindings we cannot be one...I am totally fine with whatever destiny decides for me and don't make our first meeting such a serious one...Cheer up yar."
"Sure Keerthi.. you have to show me all the good places of Bangalore now..chal waha chalte hai" Anurag said pointing towards the other side..

"Obviously I would.. You even have to come home to meet my mom once..."
"Deal!!!!!!!You know what Keerthi..You are a lot prettier than what you looked on skype/yahoo"...
"Anuraaaaaaaaag... yaha pe bhi flirting?????? face to face bhi???????Oh my god...utha lo mujhe"...
"Hahahahahahha.. agar tujhe utha liya to mera kya hoga,darling?"
"Shut up Anuraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag...."
"Tu to meri jaan hai yar... sach me...!!"
Saying this Anurag held Keerthi's hand and clicked a self-clicked photograph as a memory of their first MEMORABLE meeting with a guarantee of lots of more meetings to follow...

Fingers Crossed : I hope they marry some day the way Keerthi has dreamed..

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{ maithili } at: Saturday, February 25, 2012 said...

Is this real life romance by anychance??? Its so so close to real life situation!

{ Where thoughts are Word$ } at: Saturday, February 25, 2012 said...


This is fiction as of NOW! :)
Let me just say "I surely want this to be real..." :)

Had I been a guy I would have surely done this for my girl..! <3


Thanks a lot for reading through...
:) :) :)

{ Gaurav } at: Wednesday, February 29, 2012 said...

Gr8 one..super like..:)..nd i wish dey marry wid eachother..:)

{ Gaurav } at: Wednesday, February 29, 2012 said...

Gr8 one..super like...i wish for der marriage.:)

{ Gaurav } at: Wednesday, February 29, 2012 said...

Gr8...superlikeeeee...i wish for der marrige..

{ Where thoughts are Word$ } at: Wednesday, February 29, 2012 said...

Thanks a lot Gaurav!!

I also wish the same for them!!

:) :) :)

{ Chirag Joshi } at: Monday, March 12, 2012 said...

lovely post...
i don't know what should i say on this more.
nice writing

{ Where thoughts are Word$ } at: Monday, March 12, 2012 said...

Thank you so much Chirag! :)

{ Deepi } at: Friday, March 16, 2012 said...

awsmmm story made me speachless

{ Deepi } at: Friday, March 16, 2012 said...

awsmmm story ..... <3 it

{ Where thoughts are Word$ } at: Friday, March 16, 2012 said...

Thanks a lot Deepi! :)

Do visit again!


{ Ami } at: Monday, May 07, 2012 said...

best stry among alll...i wish they cud hav meet

{ Where thoughts are Word$ } at: Monday, May 07, 2012 said...

Thanks a lotttttttttt Ami..!! :) :)


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