.....from this hypocrisy & pretence......
What if this isn't everything it should be????

I'm not even sure how I feel....!! !!

Maybe somewhere, someone loves me so much;
He'd share his life with me and my whole life he'd touch;
Maybe somewhere, someone longs to hear me call;
Or maybe, yes, I realized, maybe there is none at all...

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| Thursday, December 29, 2011

I am revealing the secret behind everything I write...!! :) READ THROUGH and get to know ABOUT ME in my own words... :)
For everything that you read on my blog or facebook profile...
you need to know that...

It is a matter of a spontaneous thought,a random outburst and a momentary feeling.

I might not totally believe in what I have written.
I might not be able to relate to everything exactly the way I,as the author of a poem/story/write-up, have written it.
I want to make it clear that do not make any assumptions based on the things written by me which you happen to read.

For a moment, YES I believe in the thing I have written..But it is just for "THAT PARTICULAR MOMENT"...

If I have written a post on "Life is indeed beautiful", I might not necessarily be obliged to believe in it.

If I write a dark poem, it is not at all true that someone has broken my heart.

If I write a love poem, it doesn't imply that I am in love.

Please,please, please do not ASSUME.Yes, you can ask me directly.I would be more than happy to answer that!!!

I am not answerable to anything I write as the AUTHOR, but I,as your FRIEND would definitely answer if any doubt arises in your mind regarding what I have written.

If possible,I will even tell you the name of the person for whom it is written,if at all it is written for someone special.


The post below is exactly opposite to what I think! :)

P.S. I have written a poem on someone FORGETTING my birthday...Yes it's a true thought but it lasts just for a moment.
I do get hurt very easily, but it takes just another "moment" to heal...Just a few words of consolation and concern cheer me up and make me smile and look forward to "another day" and a new beginning...!! :)

P.P.S. I write broken hearted poems but they are just spontaneous thoughts which flow in the form of a poem!!!!


DRIFTING APART from 2011...

| Wednesday, December 21, 2011

People drift apart for unknown reasons...
They drift apart for NO reasons...
Once so close,now far apart
People go away from each other.........

POSTMORTEM of 2011...! :)

2011 ----->

The year which came with lots of surprising moments...:)

I am going to miss 2011...
I feel like I'm slowly drifting apart from the moments I had with 2011.
The memories I have of 2011 are really awesome...
I met lots of adorable people who made my year awesome!!!! :)
But I'm a bit sad about 2011 leaving so soon!!!!
I want to make some more amazing memories in 2011... :( :( :(
Read about those special people of the year on 1st January 2012...!! :)
तुस्सी जा रहे हो?
तुस्सी ना जाओ..

:( :( :(

Now playing:
ए जाते हुए लम्हों,ज़रा ठहरो ज़रा ठहरो..मैं भी तो चलता हूँ ...

ज़रा उनसे मिलता हूँ ...जो एक बात दिल में है ..उनसे कहू..तो चलू , तो चलू...

You always were my most lovable one..!!! :)

| Thursday, December 15, 2011
It was her fifth anniversary...
The beginning of 6th year to her marriage.
It was a fairly happy marriage...
Yes, "fairly happy"...
It was the 2125th day of their journey together!!

Nimit and Riya.....They were the PERFECT couple for everyone around.
Nimit's business colleagues envied the understanding they had.
Riya's girlfriends were jealous of the bonding they shared.
Nimit and Riya's life was the best example of an ideal wedding.
It was more than even perfect...

However things didn't mean the same to Riya.She had come a long way, a really long way from her life, her PAST...
Of course,they were a happy couple but Riya could never leave behind what she had actually left behind...
She could never forget what she had....
Besides a loving home of her parents,she had moved away even from a loving heart of the most special person in her life.
He was Riya's confidant, her best friend..not just a friend actually!! :)

Same ol' story...Their love was somehow not acceptable to destiny.............
Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!!!!!! I HATE THIS DESTINY...
Riya and Yash were forced to get separated.
There was a time when Riya used to smile to herself thinking of their wedding card.
She used to doodle their wedding card in her diary and proudly show it off to Yash and some really close friends of hers...
Yash would tease her saying "We would name our kid "Riyash" or "Shriya" according to its gender and wink cutely at her..."

Things changed a lot between both of them
They went their separate ways.
They followed different dreams.
They walked different paths.
Yet they were both kinda lost without each other...
They both missed each other.
Riya longed to see Yash.
Yash felt like a little bird who had forgotten his way back home.
Riya was the girl who had his heart since the day they parted ways.
Yash was the one with whom Riya wanted to be. 
Perhaps they both had a world woven around each other in their dreams...
They both wanted to give each other a chance and live like they used with each other like they did in the old times...
Nevertheless, Riya was "HAPPILY" married.She never complained about anything or put the blame of her compromise on her husband.She never vented out any outbursts on her family for the sacrifice she had made.She had willingly chosen that life due to certain "incomprehensible for me" kinda reasons.I witnessed everything right in front of me.I even tried to explain Riya and persuade her but she did not listen to me.Yash too did not realize what he was going to lose, and that too FOREVER!

Riya-Yash....RiYash as I used to call them...had to make the tough decision of their life.
They were now no longer the two people who did not dream about anything else except marrying each other.They were no longer BEST FRIENDS who everyone saw as a COUPLE.

They were just two "JUST FRIENDS" separated by destiny, torn apart by God perhaps but for me, they are still meant to be.Nimit is a nice guy but ...Yash ...He's just AMAZING.He's just right for my Riyu.. :)
They had an adorable past...No bitter memories,no sour fights,no unwanted intrusion in each others' space.
Everything was so so awesome while they were in love!!!!!
Lovers give up on each other because of the world....Does world give up anything for "LOVE"?
Then why do two people let each other go because of the world? You have to live with each other, DAMN IT! Not the WORLD!! 

Riya and Yash talk on four occasions only now...
Their birthdays,Riya's marriage anniversary- Valentine's Day and Friendships' day..
Yash isn't married yet...
He hadn't found anyone as amazing as Riya.
Riya was just lost in her moments with Yash, in her memories of Yash teasing her "Riyash's mom... ए जी सुनती हो..?",when suddenly the clock struck 12...It was 14/02/2011..00:00:00 and Riya's phone rang...
As always,As every year, Consistent and just at the right time..It was Yash calling...
"Hey Riya" He exclaimed...
"Hie Yash...You sound so mature"
"Do you mean to say I've grown old,Riya"?
Despite their distances, they managed to share some light moments whenever they talked...
" Yash,you still are the same for me.You always were and you still are my most lovable one"...
"Happy anniversary,Riyu..Hope Nimit and you are doing great..Wish him too from my side"...
"Yes Yash..I'll..Thank you so much..."
"ummmmmmm...Happy Valentines' Day too... "
"Wishing you the saammmmmeeeeeee"
"Anyways Riya, Seems like Ananya is calling me.I just proposed her today and she said YES"...
"Oh my God, Yashhhhhh.."
"Riya,she's not like you even in a bit but I'll never get another you,so I gave up hoping..I still love you, my jaan..Byee..."

...........Yash did not stay on line to hear Riya say "I love you too..."

Nimit knew Yash was her best friend and trusted Riya with everything.He held her close,whispered a sweet "I love you,sweetheart" and wished her a  warmest wish for the sixth year they were going to begin together...

REMINDER of how it used to be...

| Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Shit shit shit shit!!!!!

Not again...
I don't want to write this !! :( :( :(
Don't read through please and if you do, please don't ask me anything regarding it! :(
I just watched a movie and all I could do in the movie was miss him...
Yaaa..I'm not lying.. :(
I still miss him and what we had... :( :( :(
I'm feeling so bad..I'm reminded of the old times yet again..
I read somewhere..."Face your problems, Don't facebook them"...!!
Well, in that case..I'm not complaining!!!!!

I miss you.I miss you.I miss you....
[No,I did not copy-paste that... I miss you a lottttt] :(

I'm in a horrible mindset right now and the following paragraph is going to be really rude and sarcastic.If you don't have the heart to read it, just skip this part....
DISCLAIMER : I am not responsible for anything that you feel after you read the following paragraph.
Do not read it if you wish to ask me questions after reading it.

You keep pulling me back...
You keep tearing me apart...
You get my hopes high...
And then break them down...
You say things you don't mean...
You break me and you make my heart cry...
Yes, you keep pulling me back...
Back to the times of "you and me"...
Back to the times of our love so free...
I have a request to make to you...
If you don't wish to hold on to me,
Don't even try to pull me back,PLEASE!!!!
If you don't wish to love me back
Please don't even make me love you a bit...
'Cause I am strong enough to fight for the one I love
But perhaps you will never love me that way I expect you to..

Tagged by Chirag...!! :)

| Monday, December 12, 2011
97 truths about me!! :)
Couldn't find 3 more questions..
Tagged from here----> Click HERE!

1)Last Drink
2)Last Phone Call
3)Last text message
A college friend Neel
4)Last song I listened to
Why this kolaveri di
5)Last time I cried
October 2011
Have you ever
6)Got back with someone I broke up with?
Ummmmmmmm.. Not really..but yaa as friends for a few moments thereafter!
7)Been cheated on?
8)Kissed someone and regretted it?
It made me smile for a moment so NO REGRETS!
9)Lost someone special?
10)Been depressed?
Yup.. I get momentary spontaneous depression fits...
11)Been drunk and threw up
12)Three favorite colors
14)Red! :P
15)This year I have
Learned a lot..
16)Fallen out of love
No..I wish I could! :)
17)Laughed until you cried
18)Met someone who changed me this year..
A bit of yes..A bit of no.. :P I change but then rebounce back to my own self 'cause it's good to be original! :)
19)Found out who my true friends are
On 21/11/2011
20)Found out someone who has just been talking about me?
21)Made fun of someone?
That's a good timepass, if it doesn't hurt anyone..So YES!
22)How many of your fb friends do you know in real life?
All..EXCEPT ONE! :) who never granted me an opportunity to know *him* :) !
23)Eye Color
Black iris.. :P
I love them..I've had 2 rabbits, a parrot and 2 tortoises but none at present! :(
25)Changing name
26)Last Birthday
27)Time I woke up
7:30 AM
28)At midnight
Sleeping! :P
29)Something I can't wait for
14/02/2012 and 12/12/12
30)Last time I saw my mother
A moment back! :)
31)One thing I could change...
32)Listening to
My heartbeats! :)
33)Talked to a person named Rahul..
Not in the recent past!
34)Getting on my nerves
LIES and BETRAYAL...!! :( HIS indifference...!
35)Most visited web page
Other than facebook??? :P :P :)
36)Real Name
Dish, Dishu,Di according to the place I hold in their life..
38)Relationship Status
For Granted by someone I love! :) <3
39)Zodiac Sign
Moon sign: Pisces
Sun sign: Scorpio
41)First best friend
TWILIGHT series..only...
Jab we met
44)Hair color
I love long hair
48)What do I really like about myself?
"I CARE!!"
"मैं अपनी favorite हूँ"
I would love to have one except ears! :)
51)Right or Left
Sounds scary! :( No!! :(
53)Best Friend
Can't be biased and name just one! :)
There are lots of friends who have stood by me...
My mama
It was awesome while it WAS !!! <3
Not really.. My heart is a muscle..It doesn't break..It just gets torn ! :)
Ears :) I answered it before, didn't I? :P
58)Death in the family
My paternal grandmother in 2004...I still miss her! :(
59)Time I got grounded
Not yet! :P
60)I'm about to....
check how many more questions to go :P
61)Listening to
Dhinka Chika !! :P :P
62)Waiting for
These questions to end! :(
63)I'm feeling
HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
64)Lips or eyes
Eyes which never LIE! :)
65)Hugs or kisses
HUG!!!!!!!!!! :)
66)Shorter or Taller?
67)Older or younger
Younger ANY DAY! :)
68)Romantic or spontaneous
69)Stomach or arms
70)Sensitive or loud
71)A hook-up or relationship
Have you:
72)Kissed a stranger?
73)Drank hard liquor?
I don't drink!
74)Lost glasses or contacts?
My eyes are quite healthy.I don't have glasses! :)
75) _ _ _ on first date?
Not on any DATE! :P
76)Broken someone's heart?
NO, 'cause I know how it feels to be broken! :( :'(
77)Been arrested?
78)Turned someone down?
Unknowingly May be..
79)Cried when someone died?
80)Fallen for a friend?
YUP...but I wish I hadn't ! :)
Do you believe in
I am forced to!!!! :|
84)Santa Claus?
Yes...I love Christmas. I respect my Indian values but I believe a lot in Lord Jesus and Mother Mary!
I used to...
Hope my belief is not "BLIND" :)
88)Had more than one bf at a time?
Never had the courage to deceive HIM! :)
89)Did I sing today?
Nah...Not yet! :)
90)Did something illegal?
91)Go back in time...
I wish I could !
92)The biird is the woorrd...
Whattttttt???? :P पंछी बनूँ ...उडती फिरू मस्त गगन में ...आज मैं आज़ाद हूँ ....
93)Afraid of falling in love?
There was a time when I wished to fall in love but not anymore! I am damn scared and don't want to fall for anyone! I've had enough in the name of this intoxicating thing called "LOVE"...
94)Last time I lied?
95)Late, early or right on time?
Early..Punctuality is certainly a virtue! :)
96)Give my life for others?
"OTHERS"? No.. but yes for just 3 people !! :)
97)Am I afraid to post this?
I am never scared to say the truth...As such, It's rare to find real people these days! :) My blog is definitely not fake 'cause it's a place WHERE THOUGHTS ARE WORDS...

I wish to pass on this tag to everyone who is truthful enough to say the TRUTH! :) :)

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