.....from this hypocrisy & pretence......
What if this isn't everything it should be????

I'm not even sure how I feel....!! !!

Maybe somewhere, someone loves me so much;
He'd share his life with me and my whole life he'd touch;
Maybe somewhere, someone longs to hear me call;
Or maybe, yes, I realized, maybe there is none at all...

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Exams ----------------------------!! :(

| Friday, July 10, 2009
I just came online & was getting bored of studying & seeing the HUGE BOOKS.Simply dropped in to say :-


I've exams approaching & the dates have not yet officially been declared.
For that reason we've to keep checking the website for the notice regarding examination announcements:-

You may check the link.I hope it won't be in "GUJARATI"... :)

Cya till then.Keep in touch!

And can always read the previous posts and comment.. :P
Note:-At present I don't have that patience to put hyperlinks to those posts on which I'm awaiting comments. :P

This feeling of HATRED!!

| Monday, July 6, 2009
I hate him.
I hate him for being a mistake in my "PERFECT" life.
I hate myself for letting him hurt me.
I hate him for making me cry.
I hate myself for those tears I cried.
I hate him for flirting & pretending.
I hate myself for trusting everything he said.
I hate myself for the tears which he made me cry.
I hate him for showing me dreams.
I hate myself for actually believing in them.
I hate him for playing games in the name of love.
I hate myself for being a part of it.
I hate him for loving someone else.
I hate myself for loving him.
I hate her for loving him.
I hate myself for being so selfish.
I hate him for leaving me for her.
I hate myself for wanting him even after that.
I hate him for all those lies.
I hate myself for not being worthy enough of the truth.
I hate myself for having hopes & dreams.
I hate him for crushing them.
I hate him for destroying the purity of the word "love".
I hate him for strangling the essence of "commitment".
I hate him for insulting the depth of the feeling called "love".
I hate myself for praying to have him in my life.
I hate destiny for having different plans,
But most of all I hate him for breaking my heart every time I look BACK!!

I hate YOU...but I'm pretty sure you're happy wherever you ever,with whoever that girl is.I don't have a right to say anything to the girl.I just hope everyone gets what he/she truly deserves and I genuinely pray for JUSTICE!

Justice to the one who loved so true & also to the one who crushed her love,hopes & wishes.

Sometimes I think maybe I would have broken someone's heart in my past life,in my previous incarnation...That's why I paid a price in my present life!!!!! :

...Not only him,I HATE certain other people too ,who I don't even know but their irritating behaviour makes me hate them sooooo much...More about them later!!

And with this I'm letting him go and setting myself free from all those animosities.
It was my choice to be unhappy,to be broken-hearted and grieve over him but I promise myself I shall never ever look back.

I know I've promised many many times,but this time it's for the last time.I shall be happy and make sure my heart heals....

It's okay if you won't comment! :)

It's pure reality-THE BITTER REALITY and I won't mind if you walk away without commenting.

Note:-I'm not being rude.This is the way I'm! :(


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