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Love Story 2006 Part III

| Saturday, August 15, 2009

For the first and second part of Love story 2006 :-

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Introducing the characters of "Love Story 2006" ---

Girl : Rachael

Boy : Jamie

[ Name courtesy : Not mine ANYWAYS :P ]

Rachael :- A simple, introvert girl.
Jamie :- An enigma.[A blend of all kinds of personalities-Sweet,irritating,insensitive & INDIFFERENT]

The story begins in June 2006.23rd June 2006 to be precise.
Rachael was on her way.She was getting late and the traffic signals irritated her even more.The useless honking was getting on her nerves.Amidst all the vehicles,there was a guy without helmet who was talking really loud on the cellphone.In short,traffic rules were nothing for him.Rachael hated people who did not follow traffic rules but she ignored & kept driving.Meanwhile she had to stop at another traffic signal.To her surprise[Read :- SHOCK],the same guy stopped right beside her.She heard him say :-

"Excuse me ma'm!Could you show me the way to Career launcher institute"?

Of course,he was talking to her.The signal flashed green & Rachael hastily replied "I'm going the same way.You can follow me if you wish." and rushed.The guy said "Thank you ma'am." and accelerated his bike to the maximum speed.

They reached the place & ran towards their respective classrooms.

They were in the same classroom.They both were preparing for GRE.
They had to share the same bench.Thanks to their late timing.Rachael kinda hated the guy.He was not at all her types.He was careless and shabby.

After the class---------

Hey!!I'm Jamie.Thank you once again for showing me the way,Miss... ? ?

"Rachael"-She replied,thinking to herself - "Did I even ask this idiot's name?"

Rachael chose not to speak anything else.
Jamie asked - "What do you do,Rachael?"
Rachael wanted to say "SHUT UP",but she prefered to reply calmly :- "I've just completed my H.S.C. and I'm studying."

"Studying??May I know what??"


"Great!!We both belong to the same stream.By the way,I'm an engineer."

"Ok Jamie!Bye.."

"Well,Nice to meet you Rach!! See you tomorrow.Byee." [Rach???Rachael wanted to argue over that topic,but...SHE DID NOT!!]

This was their first meeting.

Rachael went home and shared the experience of the first day with her mom.Her mom smiled and just warned her.She told her to beware of Jamie.
Rachael nodded in affirmation...

Day 2

[The next day]Rachael went upto the classroom.Jamie had kept their bench reserved & offered her a seat.Rachael had no other friends at the place,so she had to share the bench with him unwillingly but helpless.

That day after class,Jamie asked her for her contact number.Rachael did not want to share her cell-number with him but at a second thought she decided to share the number 'cause he was the only person she knew at the institute.

They shared the numbers - One shared it willingly,One shared it reluctantly.

Jamie assured her that he had not asked for the number to wish her a good night in the middle of night.It was just so that they could know about the timings or any other change of schedule from the institute.

Rachael smiled & bid him a goodbye.


I shall be back with their meetings which followed...

A detailed description of all their conversations,her feelings for him and their relationship in the next post AFTER 26th.

2 opinions:

{ The Solitary Writer } at: Sunday, August 16, 2009 said...

WOW....beautiful nd vivid description....loved it as per wht u said i nvr tht rach wd share her number that soon....nd characterization i loved keep the flow coming ...nice till nw...

{ Where thoughts are Word$ } at: Monday, August 17, 2009 said...

Thanks a lottt TSW!! :)


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