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Maybe somewhere, someone longs to hear me call;
Or maybe, yes, I realized, maybe there is none at all...

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The week that was --- Part TWO! ^_^

| Sunday, June 7, 2009
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31st May --->

It was a Sunday & I had to go out with friends.I had a great time that day,But when I returned back home and switched on the internet,my internet connection couldn't get connected........

:( :( :(

My landline phone was dead & so was my internet.

I switched it off & went off to sleep,thinking it will be fine the next day when I return back from college.

But No!!!It was the same :(

I was kinda happy 'cause I could study some more hours if internet doesn't work!! :)
Obviously,that was only for time being.Internet is my only means of refreshment after "Television".I was missing my blogs and some other blogs too which I read everyday,even though I don't comment :P

I called up the BSNL man everyday & he assured me to get the phone line rectified but never turned up. :(
Because of him,I had to spend my cell-phone balance which is now less than 5.00 Rs. :D

1st June
2nd June
3rd June
4th June
5th June

All the five days,I was without my internet.

6th June--->

I asked my dad to call up BSNL people to solve the problem & Thank God he turned up in the evening and corrected the fault.A squirrel had cut the phone line wire!! :D he he..

I had been missing people so much and it was tough 'cause I knew they would not be missing me.
Now,when I came online after almost a week,I know it for sure that they did not miss me...Don't worry,it doesn't matter even if you did not.I missed everyone & thats what matters.

Okay Okay,I'm not getting EMO!! :D

Lets get back to 6th June

I had to go to college in the morning on the same day(6th June) to fill up the university exam form.I had to submit my H.S.C. marksheets and some other documents along with Rs. 325/-

I filed everything in a folder & reached college.

When I started filling up the form,the lady who was helping is fill up the forms informed me that I had to pay 1000/- Rs. cash for the materials used throughout the year,for patients.

I was shocked.I inquired,if I could pay the money after a few days ;cause we had our study leave after that day.One of my classmates told me she had 500/- Rs. and asked me to arrange for the remaining money.It was very sweet on her part But I know 1000 Rs. is a big amount & it was not reasonable on my part to ask for it.

The lady asked me to fill up the forms and inquire about the money later.I filled up the form and went upto her to submit the form.

She asked me if she could pay for me & I could return the money to her later on.

I was pleasantly surprised at that initiative of hers.Usually,you cannot expect such a gesture in self-financed colleges,where each penny counts so much for everyone.
She gave me the money,I thanked her and told her that I would return it to her by 16th June.

She told me "You're most welcome,Take your own time.Don't worry even if you forget to return the money on 16th amidst the exam stress.Return it whenever it's convenient to you".

I had just heard of such behaviour in stories & movies,but I realized that good people do exist in this world.

She was an angel in disguise for me...I genuinely hope she is blessed by God in every way!! :)

That was the first week of June for me,and now I've my exams from 16th June till 1st July.

I may not get time to read & write blog posts.

Keep in touch,keep writing & keep commenting [on previous posts too if possible].

Byeeee for 25 days.^_^


3 opinions:

{ asit dhal } at: Monday, June 08, 2009 said...

now a days BSNL is performing best in providing the worst service....

Sometimes we meet such kind of people...who help us like our nearer and dearer ones....

{ Dr.Kumar } at: Tuesday, June 09, 2009 said...

here too the same prob disha.....
my line too out.....
but still not alright.....

{ C R D } at: Wednesday, June 10, 2009 said...

oh its damn frustrating and irritating when the net conks off.

but thats precisely why i got hooked to pc games..FIFA 07 rocks!!! :d

Everyone is good at some time or the other. The Conscience plays mind games sometimes :P

Oh but yea, some people are more good than others :)



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