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Plagiarism versus MEEE !!

| Friday, June 26, 2009
Plagiarism is not a new thing.
I mean knowingly or unknowingly we all MIGHT have done it someday or the other.

We do copy inspiration quotes & other things from the World Wide Web.
I don't deny it,but those quotes/sentences are from famous people & we kinda have the permission to copy those,'cause we cannot ask "THEM" for permission and they are not alive to grant us permissions.. :(
However,copying from blogs/personal sites/orkut about me section,is not pardonable.I mean how can you copy someone else's thoughts & feelings?Okay I agree,you may have undergone the same situation,but that doesn't mean you copy.

And even if you do,atleast have that courtesy to appreciate it & ask for permission.I mean if someone would've asked me for permission to copy any line/poem/story to his/her personal space in the virtual world,I would've happily granted him/her the permissions irrespective of the fact whether I know him/her or not.
However,it hurts when someone copies it shamelessly and that too in the "about me" section of a social networking site.It is frustrating 'cause it takes lot of time to write a good post which will be liked by everyone.It takes many sleepless nights to write something close to your heart and it is awful when the same feelings are copied by someone you don't even know,someone who doesn't know why you've written it-what you've gone through,someone who doesn't bother to drop in a comment & someone who doesn't take the trouble to ask for permission to copy---leave aside appreciating.They steal your work stealthily & you don't even come to know about that.

Well,I don't wish to create a virtual world war...Already there's RACISM wars going on in real world.......I don't want to add any PLAGIARISM wars in the world.There are no less cyber wars too! :(

I don't want to make my blog a battlefield & bloggers the
warriors/soldiers.Bloggers have better work to do,hai na?? :)

This is just a post,not meant to humiliate anyone.It's to make people realize that they shouldn't copy anyone's personal works.It is really sad & disgusting to know that your work has been plagiarized by someone.This hasn't happened for the first time to me,and maybe I'm not the only one.There are others too perhaps whose works might be copied & they might not even be knowing about it.

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To read the post,click :-

"Please Stay" from Where Thoughts Are Words

You can ask me personally for the link to the profile.I won't post it here!

I'm not answerable if the profile "about me" has changed after reading this post.

:::::Those people may not be even knowing the spelling/meaning of PLAGIARISM!!!:::::

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"My Random Outbursts."

[It's pure FICTION.]

5 opinions:

{ The Solitary Writer } at: Saturday, June 27, 2009 said...

hehe uska naam bhi same as urs

co incidence bhi she thot ki about me bhi copy kar diya jaye:p

btw nice post disha.....sahi hai....eye opener to people who r nt aware of plagiarism...:)

{ Where thoughts are Word$ } at: Saturday, June 27, 2009 said...

@ The Solitary Writer

Thank you so much!! :)

Ya name is also same ! :(

God knows how come! :D

{ Mads } at: Saturday, June 27, 2009 said...

yeah such a coincidence that she shares ur name...
nice post..and i'v seen it happening before....
plagiarism is such an unforgivable offence..i simply hate it.
am feeling horrible for u. i know how helpless and frustrated u must be feeling....
hope people understand and stop this racket, in future :(

{ The Vitruvian Boy } at: Sunday, June 28, 2009 said...

Well it happens...May be some people dont know how much hardwork went behind that post....

I have seen many people posting lyrics of some song in their abt me... thats fine i guess coz anybody who reads that understands its not original...

It should be ok if someones using it for non profit purpose...
Although they should be atleast specify "anonymous" .... :D

Lucky u.... u found out who all is using yr work.... :D

and she shares the same name... :D

{ C R D } at: Sunday, June 28, 2009 said...

wonder what kicks such ppl get by they actually feel happy if someone appreciates them for work they havent done?

i too once had someone copy my entire post, the bum was too lazy even to change the title [:P]



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