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Break-ups:The fate of some relationships.

| Wednesday, April 22, 2009
Lately I got to discover the reasons why do two people end up hating each other,who once upon a time couldn't live without each other.

How they face the instant goodbye and the irreparable heart-break after all the pompous show of feelings,the public displays of affection,holding hands......*etc* .......!!!!

It all starts with a friendship and ends with crushed dreams and tears....

The two people who are once seen together all the time;who talk to each other all day long and can see nothing else,no one else;who are truly,madly & deeply in love---[Wo ruthna Wo manaana.....] finally break up and don't even want to see each other's face!!

Once upon a time, the girl used to ask her boyfriend whether she can have dinner....

I mean what rubbish is that!I know it's natural when you're in love but I've my own definitions of love which is not the subject of present discussion.

Okay,I know it's veryyyyyyyy sweeeeeeeeet but love doesn't mean owning a person.Agreed you have all the right over a person,but a bit of freedom should be expected from both sides.

_ _ ____________ _ _

The love which was once envied by everyone no longer exists...

The promises of standing by each other and those vows of being together no matter what soon lose their meaning.

They get fed up with each other as time passes.

There is no time to say "I love you" 'cause they're too busy settling stupid issues.
There is no time to ask "Are you fine?,How was your day?" 'cause those questions are replaced by "Who was that girl you were talking to?Kiske saath the...."

The situation exactly becomes the opposite.Once upon a time they couldn't live without each other.Now they cannot bear the other person even for a moment.They just cannot live with each other.

Over-possessive attitude & jealousy takes over.

There is insecurity & fear of losing the other person.It's just a matter of understanding the other person & sorting out matters...but instead things get worse.

And then comes EGO!

The three letters which destroy the three words "I love you".Saying sorry suddenly becomes so tough...

"I love you." changes to "I regret having loved you."

"I'm glad we are together." changes to "I wish I had never met you."

"You're such a sweetheart." changes to "You're the most annoying person I've met till date."

"I hope we stay together forever." changes to "Just get lost.I don't even wish to see your face again."

The qualities once considered "care & concern" are renamed as "useless interference in personal life" and "hindrance to the freedom & privacy"!

Forever changes to never.Love changes to hate.

Both want to somehow get together but it has fallen so much apart that neither of them wants to leave aside the ego.

The small silly fights which used to be out of love change into "BIG" fights which make the relationship worse.

There is only a thin thread-like strand of relationship left.One pull & it will all be over...Finally the relationship which appeared soooo strong,genuine & deep,breaks like a fragile glass and no one can even dare to pick up those pieces to start anew.

It hurts to put glass pieces together and moreover there are no relationship adhesives available....

Once broken,forever broken!!!

However,break-ups is one side of coin.The other side of the coin consists of a "happily ever after" fairytale story where both of them help each other live a life of their own dreams :)

It's good if people not meant for each other break up and don't end up being lifepartners ruining the entire life and their family's peace!!

3 opinions:

{ The Vitruvian Boy } at: Thursday, April 23, 2009 said...

he he he...
I have seen a lot of people going thru this change...

Its hilarious to see that happening with frds of yrs...
but it can happen with us too...
god knows what kind of relationship we ll enter and where it will go..
Its governed by the same complex laws of nature which control the weather...
u can never predict it correctly.... :D

good post... :)

{ Priyanka } at: Thursday, April 23, 2009 said...

well written n nicely expressed disha...
dont hav such an experience ...may b thats why...but i sincerely believe dat when love is true...such things cnt ever happen....
insecurity can only b mitigated by mutual trust which again stems from deep love!

{ fms1988 } at: Thursday, April 23, 2009 said...

Nice post !
Thank god im happily


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