.....from this hypocrisy & pretence......
What if this isn't everything it should be????

I'm not even sure how I feel....!! !!

Maybe somewhere, someone loves me so much;
He'd share his life with me and my whole life he'd touch;
Maybe somewhere, someone longs to hear me call;
Or maybe, yes, I realized, maybe there is none at all...

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Love Story ----> Part I

| Thursday, April 23, 2009
Please do not consider this reality.It is fiction and any resemblance to "your" real life is purely unintentional and co-incidental.

----This is not their first conversation.Their friendship was 6 months old by this time----Other details in the second part.

<-The beginning->

HE : How have you been?
SHE: Good. What about you?
HE: Very busy and hectic schedule.
SHE: ohh!!
HE:Ok "(the girl's name)" What's new?Any boyfriend?
SHE: Nope!!No boyfriends please.I'm happy single.SINGLES ROCK!!
HE:Ahh "(the girl's name)"Dont say so.
SHE:No..I don't wish to have any boyfriend..
HE:ok ok Even i wish noone gets trapped...(I hope "koi fase nahi")
SHE: yeah "the guy's name" me too ...even I wish the same... :)

[The girl's first mistake] ---->

The girl happened to ask him a personal question.
In its answer,HE replied:I think you're in love with me.

SHE (shocked.she obviously did not have such an intention in her mind):No,its nothing like that ...I'm just asking 'cause I felt so.
HE:No you're really in love with me.
SHE :FINE.THINK WHATEVER YOU WANT.(frustrated)[You know how these girls are.]
HE: okay.Hey "The girl's name" , please take it seriously.You know what... Sometimes I think you're the perfect girl for me.We make a great pair but...THE GUY HESITATES...(NOTE:Here the guy is flirting but the girl takes everything seriously....READ THROUGH) :)
SHE : But what?? "the guy's name"
HE:But I feel I am not ready to fall in such truthful,serious relationships.
SHE:Ohh everyone has the same problem.They are always scared to commit.
HE:So What do you think?Are you ready to spend your life with me? ....Look girl I'm a very straight forward guy.If you think you like my company,I'll make you happy forever.

Now playing :- Mere hath me tera hath ho....Sari jannate mere sath ho....


SHE:Hey you did not answer my question.(She is referring to the personal question that she had asked)
HE:This is more important than your question,girl.
SHE:See dear I'm just 19 and i cant committ anything right now.And please be serious now.This is enough.(THE GIRL HAS NOW REALISED THAT THE GUY IS KIDDING OR RATHER flirting)
HE:Kabhi to seriousness samjo "the girl's name".....
SHE(Again thinks the guy is serious,MY GOD.THESE GIRLS ALWAYS USE THEIR HEART !!!!!!.....):Ok , will you wait for six years for me?

HE:I can wait for "N" number of years for you my sweetheart......
SHE:Can you commit it right now?[Silly silly girl......]
HE: Yes I can, can you?[Smart Smart jerk......]
SHE: I'm confused and shocked.
HE: I knew it. :-s:|
SHE : Ok fine..We shall wait for six years.I dont know where will we be after 6 years.You might be somewhere abroad ..I may be somewhere else.......:|
HE: Hey come on, I won't go abroad if I get a Mercedes in India.
SHE: ohh thats good.
HE: Yeah,So would you like to go for a long drive with me in "OUR" Mercedes?You know I'll cross even the seven seas for you....
SHE(VERY touched and happy):Ya of course ...(SEE THE IRONY,THE GIRL THINKS THE GUY IS SERIOUS AND THE GUY IS STILL FLIRTING....WHAT A PITY!!) but Dont drive too fast :)
HE: Well girl,I love fast driving but anything for you Dear.
SHE:(Blushing) .......

After a while.......

SHE:Okay good night!
HE:What if I say don't go?
SHE:.....I know you won't say that...and even if you say,you don't care enough to make me stay.

.....And she signs out without another word.

Now playing : Tu de raha hai ehsas ye,jaise koi mere sath hai....Jiske badan ko chhukar mere badan ko chhu rahi hai hava....
Pyar tune kya kiya...ek hi pal me achanak di hai nayi duniya...Di hai nayi khushiya...!!

The girl could not sleep the entire night thinking about the guy..and the guy had the best sleep that night.
The girl analysed the entire conversation and finally in the morning,she concluded that the guy for whom she stayed awake the entire night was just flirting and was not a bit serious...It was just a timepass for him.
The next day, the girl stopped talking to him....The guy asked her the matter.She said "Nothing,lets be JUST friends again....Forget yesterday's conversation and never play with someone's heart today onwards......I have forgotten the matter but everyone won't,YOU MIGHT LOSE A GENUINE FRIEND......!!"[As if the guy cares......!!]

Now playing : Ek pal ke liye hi sahi,ghadiya hum ko mili makhmali pyar ki...!!

But one thing which "I" believe is : Had they been friends,they would've been the best of friends...
They would've been so perfect for each other that even destiny would've conspired to make them one....

Well,lets get real...They couldn't remain even friends,not even so-called friends,not even hi-hello friends,not even acquaintances,not even strangers,not even enemies.They are nothing for each other 'cause neither of them exists according to both of them.Everything was over before it could even start.

...What will "you" do?Will u talk to him like this girl did?Will you forget it?Will you forgive him?.....

Depends on perceptions....Some of you might favour the guy,Some might be favouring the girl......
Nevertheless....This is past...The present and future will be continued on my another blog.


You'll be informed about it as soon as it is done!!

Till then you can hate the girl,love the girl...hate the guy,love the guy or be indifferent to them...As it is they're imaginary!!


The words closest to the girl's heart which are nowhere in the guy's heart......!!

She cannot forget the meaningless words which broke her heart and changed her outook towards people,love & life.She's scared to trust,always fears losing and cannot believe anyone just because of "one" idiotic guy.

----It was a question of one moment which changed millions after that----

Had she not been in the mindset she was in(Details in the second part),she would have told the guy to get lost!!!!!!


4 opinions:

{ The Vitruvian Boy } at: Saturday, April 25, 2009 said...

I love the girl...
I love the boy...
dont be confused i am straight... :P

he he....

Well i am confused abt the question that the gal asked...

Can u name the girl Molly and the guy as Jude??
It would be gr8!!!

I have no idea which way this story will go....
but i know for sure that both will be happy with their life...

waiting for the sequel.... :)

{ Priyanka } at: Tuesday, April 28, 2009 said...

ppl shud not play wid feelings...whthr its a gal or a boy....u nvr know wht d othr person assumes!

{ Priyanka } at: Tuesday, April 28, 2009 said...

ppl shud not play wid feelings...whthr its a gal or a boy....u nvr know wht d othr person assumes!

{ .a. } at: Friday, May 01, 2009 said...

well, life it is.
and who knows if the guy was *actually* serious! hmm!!

yes, pls mention when you continue :)



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