.....from this hypocrisy & pretence......
What if this isn't everything it should be????

I'm not even sure how I feel....!! !!

Maybe somewhere, someone loves me so much;
He'd share his life with me and my whole life he'd touch;
Maybe somewhere, someone longs to hear me call;
Or maybe, yes, I realized, maybe there is none at all...

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Life as it was never before......!!

| Monday, March 23, 2009


Life was never sooooooooo beautiful before...It was never sooooo "Worth-living" before....Before I met her.............!!

"Now playing :- Kuch khaas hai...Kuch paas hai...Pyar hai shayad"

She was more than my "best friend".She was an absolutely simple,ordinary girl;but her thoughts...Her thoughts really left me baffled and amazed...She was younger to me,yet a lot more mature,practical and firm in her life.She had not adhered to the concepts of modernization set by the other members of her "GIRLS group".The concept of "enjoying" life was defined by her in her own way,about which I'll talk some other time..... :)

I found it odd in the beginning,but gradually I started appreciating the same thing.

I always used to ask her :-
"Why didn't I get to meet you before"?

She always used to tell me :-
"Atleast we met in "this life",Be grateful to destiny"I still don't know why,but she believes a lot in destiny.[I don't,to be precise :D]

"Now playing :- Hum hai is pal yahan....Jaane ho kal kahan......."
I loved waiting for her call and if by chance I had to miss her call or couldn't talk to her once a day,I used to feel damnnnnnnnnnn uncomfortable & upset.... :( I hated to be called "just friends"... :)
She knew everything about me & I loved teasing her "You're a real good mother".
She used to just smile & say "I'm just a good friend".
Her smile told me a different story,though....!! :)[I mean,even I doubted her friendship to be love,like many of her friends teased her with me & you readers too must be ....!!]

Ofcourse,she was not the kind of girl every guy wishes to have,but I'm definitely sure of one thing-She will make most of the "sensible" guys wish to have her....She was the girl who made me re-define the perception of "my kind of a girl".She made me look back,correct my mistakes,stopped me from making any more mistakes,learn the valuable morals in life and stand by them in every situation....Being with her made me realize what love was....It was love when I just sat beside her & I felt like the happiest person in the world.....!!

We were secret sharers,we were two strangers who had become the closest inspite of the contradictory thoughts,the exactly opposite upbringing and absolutely different mindsets,perceptions,attitudes and outlooks towards life.Geographical distance never came in the way of our friendship.

The first time I met her,I realized she was an extremely adorable,but an introvert girl.That day she told me,she had never ever been in any relationships,which made me think that it must've been because of her reserved nature.

I'm always reminded of Rani Mukherjee's dialogue from the movie "Hum Tum" when I've to talk about her."Kabhi to ek hi mulakat kafi hoti hai,kabhi bahot si mulakate lag jati hai...".I can absolutely relate to this thought.

I was the kind of guy who loved flirting,I liked flattering girls,making new female friends...!![Mark the word "Was"]

However,after meeting her,it was all different.
I did not flirt.Moreover I did not even like talking to other girls with whom I used to talk for hours "once upon a time".

After a few memorable meetings with her,I came to know that no guy deserved her...Perhaps thats too much to say,but I genuinely feel that she is a real sweetheart,just like an angel....

She was a patient listener and she always was concerned about me,may be because she was not too much into sharing anything about her life.Whenever I used to be upset,she could make it out from my voice; and one question from her -"Are you fine"?And I used to forget alllllll my problems and just say "Yes I'm alright.You always manage to make me smile" :) .....

I've lots of confessions to make to her,but her eyes...her silent yet questioning eyes leave me blank.....

"Now playing - Aankhon ne,tumhari meethi baaton ne meri neend udaai,mera chen churaya....."


It always seemed her eyes were yearning for love,love for which she could sacrifice anything and everything.Her silence sometimes used to question me -
  • "Will I ever find him?"
  • "Will he ever find me?"
  • "Will I ever get to hold someone's hand who'll never let it go?"
  • "Will I ever be able to trust someone more than myself?"

I had no answers before some days,but today I know one thing for sure-I love her and I'd do anything for her smile & happiness.I want to give her the happiness as defined by her and make sure that she gets to live the life she expects,with the kind of terms she has laid down...

The other day we were going to meet.She had told me she will be coming from a family function and she'll get late.I was waiting for her.I had made up my mind to tell her those three words that day .....I was sure she'll come 'cause she always kept her words and stood by all her promises.I had spent a lot of sleepless nights and wanted to put a fullstop to that :)

And yes as expected,I could see her coming from a distance.She was dressed in a crimson red saree.She was looking the prettiest that day and seeing her I wanted to change my mind of confessing my love for her,'cause I was so scared of losing her but the thought of her telling me "I love you too" always kept me going and I wanted to be assured in my life that atleast I tried.......Even if she says "NO",I'll still have lots of memories of those sweet happy moments of togetherness.If at all we become strangers,we'll be strangers WITH A PAST.....!!

She came to me and said very hesitantly-"Am I too late?I'm sorry you had to wait".

Naturally I had been waiting for quite a long time,but she was so sincere in her apology.......... :D

I said - "That's fine.How was your function?"

She did not answer and just asked me meekly-"Can we just walk?"

I felt she was about to cry....

.....To be continued......

"Now playing - Have you ever loved a woman Bryan Adams"

I want it to end the way you all want it to!!Leave your comment if you please.I'd appreciate if you can help me giving it a suitable ending....


You can select "YOUR" type of end....!!

2 opinions:

{ P :p } at: Wednesday, March 25, 2009 said...

Hi dish

I don't know why i feel its too good to be true...There has to be some twist and turns to it...No love story is so simple and straight forward...looking forward to the next part... :)

{ Buzz } at: Sunday, April 12, 2009 said...

Waiting for the next part, it is going great


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