.....from this hypocrisy & pretence......
What if this isn't everything it should be????

I'm not even sure how I feel....!! !!

Maybe somewhere, someone loves me so much;
He'd share his life with me and my whole life he'd touch;
Maybe somewhere, someone longs to hear me call;
Or maybe, yes, I realized, maybe there is none at all...

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The upcoming posts -Coming SOON!

| Wednesday, July 9, 2008
I've my final exams from 2nd August,so you'll have to wait for the next posts.


The next posts will be about :-

-How safe is the life as a Paying Guest?



-Life & Appreciation.

-The real kind of illusion - love :Part II[On public demand].

And the most important point :-I'll change the template after exams. :)

I'll be back after exams [around 7th August perhaps].

Do read the previous posts and write in your views,if you haven't.

Thank you ~~!~~

Miss Ekta Kapoor strikes again-"Kahaani Mahabharat Ki" -A brief review.

| Tuesday, July 8, 2008

~7th July~

Ekta Kapoor was going to launch her new serial "Kahaani Mahabharat Ki" on the channel "9x".I was eagerly waiting for the first episode of the show.It was a greatly anticipated show and everyone,including me,had a lot of EXPECTATIONS from it.I was really enthusiastic about the show,'cause I'm not much aware of the events in this epic.

Finally the long awaited serial started..................

And Lo and Behold !

The first thing I can say about it after the first episode is :-



I guess the set they have used is the same one which was used in the movie "Jodha Akbar".I'm not very sure about it.Sorry,if I'm wrong.If anyone knows,do let me know through your comments.

The first episode showed the event of "Draupadi's chirharan".The girl who has played the role of Draupadi is having "curled" hair!!Draupadi with curly hair-What an imagination!!

Hats off to Ekta!!


The actress seemed to be the brand ambassador of all the cosmetics be it eye-liners,lipstick and "kaajal".

Ok,enough for Draupadi.
Now,the dialogues!!!


The dialogues are horribly written.No intensity in dialogue delivery,no feel,no depth & no
emotions.It all appeared very artificial.There are no sanskrit words used & Ekta very proudly announced it at one of her interviews.

Let me tell you Ekta,it's not a matter of pride.

Get a bit real,for "Mahabharat's sake".

  • For example, in place of "bhaiya",she could have used the word "Bhraata".
  • And yes,one more thing-She said "There are no sanskrit words".
  • But Draupadi has used the word "Sakha" meaning "friend" in one of the scenes.
  • Is "sakha" not a sanskrit word,Ekta?????

Alright,let us talk about the costumes now.

They are like the ones worn by GREEK GODS!!!!!!!It doesn't at alllllllll give you an impression of the characters of an epic .


Okay,only the graphics used were nice.


Overall,it was not at all worth waiting and I regret wasting HALF AN HOUR to watch it.Many of all those enthusiastic people out there must have been disappointed.I don't say everyone must have disliked it,but I personally won't recommend any one to watch it.

In one line :- WASTE OF TIME,MONEY AND ENERGY!!!!!!!!!

Do write in your comments.

As I always say :-

Opinions mean a lot :)

I may get to know something good about the serial. :D

Know the common errors made in English with me!! :)

| Saturday, July 5, 2008
**Learn something about English with me :)

>It's sad that English has lost it's originality.<

---I would like to discuss some of the most common errors made in English grammar,spellings and pronounciations. [Note: Grammar is spelt as "GRAMMAR" and not as "GRAMMER"-It's not spelt with an "E".]

Without grammar,English is like Food which has no salt.

Some of the most common spelling mistakes :-

Lose means to misplace something.
Loose means something which doesn't fit properly as in loose t-shirt
These two words are often interchanged.
Loose is used instead of "lose"


Hear means to listen something;while here means "Just at that place"
Eg. : Come here.
I want to hear the song.


"Their" implies another person's possession.[as in "Their new car"].
"There" means a place located a li'l bit away from you/the person or thing concerned[as in Go and sit "there"].


"Bad" means unpleasant/something which is not liked.
"Bed" means something to sleep on.

5)Very is wrongly spelt as veRRy.

"Ideal" means something that is the best/perfect.[For example : Ideal pet-Dog;Ideal singer-Lata Mangeshkar].
"Idle" means lazy.
"Idol" means an image[statue].

"College" is wrongly spelt as collage.
Collage means haphazard picture cuttings stuck together.
CollEge is a place meant for further studies after school.

Letter means a written paper.Latter means a person.

9)Friendship is spelt wrong in lots of ways like "frandship","Freindship","Frendship" etc etc etc.

10)Busy is also incorrectly spelt as Bisy/Bussy/Bizy.

11)Comfortable is spelt as "Comfertable" or "Comferteble" which is not right.

People take these mistakes very lightly 'cause nowadays people don't have that "willing" to learn.The worst part is even if they read the correct spelling,they still spell it the way they WISH.

Usually spellings are written keeping in mind the way they are pronounced but that's not the way.[One spelling mistake in a sentence can change the entire meaning of what one wished to say;Everyone should understand the seriousness of a language-Be it English/your mother-tongue/any other language.]

However,Truly speaking,We're so used to wrong english that we tend to ignore the mistakes or rather never realize the mistakes.
This happens due to the wrong ways of teaching in school.Teachers also don't point out the mistakes .[Sorry to say this but they themselves are perhaps not upto the mark.]

----When I was in high school,my English teacher always made a mistake in the words "besides" & "beside".
Besides means "other than".
Besides studies,she's good at singing.[This sentence means that Other than studies,she's good at singing also]

Beside means "near"
Keep this book beside the photo-frame on the table.

I still respect that teacher a lot and really envy her fluency in English.
What I want to convey is that noone's perfect;But atleast we can try to correct each other's mistakes instead of overlooking them.
Noone likes to be corrected and often they might feel offended or consider the other person to be egoistic/have a superiority complex.

Instead,if we keep those feelings aside and try to correct ourselves,English can regain the lost charm.



Grammar in English includes tenses[present,past & future],nouns,verbs,adjectives etc.

[Etc. is a Latin word which means "others" and it's the abbreviation for et cetera.]

A very very common mistake I come across everyday:-

I did not 'went'.
I did not 'used'.
I did not 'brought'.
I did not 'sent'.
I did not 'got'.
I did not 'saw'.
I did not 'heard'.
I did not 'sat'.
I did not 'watched'.
I did not 'said'.
I did not 'caught'.
I did not 'played'.
I did not 'slept'.
I did not 'wrote'.
I did not 'learned'
I did not 'cried'
I did not 'laughed'

All these lines are absolutely wrong.

Whenever the verb "did" is used,the verb following it should always be SIMPLE PRESENT TENSE.


I did not 'go'.
I did not 'use'.
I did not 'bring'.
I did not 'send'.
I did not 'get'.
I did not 'see'.
I did not 'hear'.
I did not 'sit'.
I did not 'watch'.
I did not 'say'.
I did not 'catch'.
I did not 'play'.
I did not 'sleep'.
I did not 'write'.
I did not 'learn'
I did not 'cry'
I did not 'laugh'

Another mistake with "HAD":-

I had saw a tiger.

This is again WRONG.

Correct sentence-formation is I had "seen" a tiger.

This implies that the tense following the verb "HAD" is always "past perfect" like had gone,had done,had slept,had laughed,had been,had sung,had written and so on.
These are some of the most frequently observed mistakes by me.
If you have also experienced some other errors,feel free to post your comments.
If you can tell me any of my mistakes in this post,please do not hesitate.
For any doubts regarding English grammar,spellings or pronounciation,Refer the dictionary or post your questions here!!!!!!!

.........This will be continued.........

Thank you!!!!

Jaane tu ya jaane na.....AWESOME song!!----I adore the lyrics..... ~~~

| Wednesday, July 2, 2008
I absolutely love this song ...from the movie "Jaane tu ya jaane na"....
[Releasing date-4th July 2008]

The male version of the song :-

Jaane tu meri kya hai,
jaane main tera kya tha,
Saath tere har pal, saath har lamha tha..

Jaane kaisi kasak hai,
jaane kaisi tadap hai,
Kyu yeh aankhein nam hai,
jaane kaisa gum hai..
Hai dosti humko yakeen tha,
dosti aur kuch bhi nahi tha,
Par kaise tujh ko bole,
kyu chubhte hai pairon mein kaante,
Janaa dil jaana, kaise maine naa jaana,Ki pyaar yahi hai,
yeh jaane tu ya jaane naa..
Janaa dil jaana, kaise tune naa jaana,yeh pyaar to hai,
yeh jaane tu ya jaane naa..
Jaane tu meri kya hai,

jaane main tera kya tha,Saath tere har pal, saath har lamha tha..
Kyu aise chubhti hai tujhse doori,Kyu lagti hai zindagi yun adhuri,
Chua kisi ne tujhko to laga ki,
Dil mein kisi ne jaise aag laga ke,
Duniya jala di..heyyy meri…
Jaane tu meri kya hai,
jaane mein tera kya tha,
Saath tere har pal, saath har lamha tha..

Jaane kaisi kasak hai,
jaane kaisi tadap hai,
Kyu yeh aankehin num hai,
Jaane kaisa gum hai..
Janaa dil jaana, kaise maine naa jaana,
Ki pyaar yahi hai, yeh jaane tu ya jaane naa..
Janaa dil jaana, kaise tune naa jaana,yeh pyaar to hai,
yeh jaane tu ya jaane naa..

The female version of the same song :-

Jaane Tu Mera Kya Hai,
Jaane Tu Mera Kya Tha
Tu Hi Mera Har Pal, Tu Hi Har Lamha Tha

Jaane Kaisi Kashish Hai,
Jaane Kaisi Khalish Hai
Kyun Yeh Saans Thami Hai,
Aankhon Mein Kyun Nami Hai
Hai Dosti Humko Yakeen Tha,
Dosti Aur Kuch Bhi Nahin Tha
Hai Kaisa Ye Dard Naya Sa
Kyun Dil Lagta Tuta Tuta Sa
Jaana Dil Jaana Kaise Meine Na Jaana
Ke Pyar Yahin Hai, Yeh Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na
Jaana Dil Jaana Kaise Tune Na Jaana
Yeh Pyaar Yahin Hai, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

Jaane Tu Mera Kya Hai,
Jaane Tu Mera Kya Tha
Tu Hi Mera Har Pal,
Tu Hi Har Lamha Tha

Oooo Hoti Thi Tujh Se Subha Har Din Ki
Teri Dopehar Se Shyam Ki Dhun Thi
Hoti Thi Raathein Teri Baathon Mein Khoye
Tere Khayalon Mein Jaage Aur Soye..
Tu Jo Nahin To Kya Raha

Jaane Tu Mera Kya Hai, Jaane Tu Mera Kya Tha
Tu Hi Mera Har Pal, Tu Hi Har Lamha Tha

Jaane Kaisi Kashish Hai, Jaane Kaisi Khalish Hai
Kyun Yeh Saans Thami Hai, Aankhon Mein Kyun Nami Hai
Jaana Dil Jaana Kaise Meine Na Jaana
Ke Pyar Yahin Hai, Yeh Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na..
Jaana Dil Jaana Kaise Tune Na Jaana
Yeh Pyaar Yahin Hai, Yeh Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

Happy Doctors' Day To ME??????????????????

| Tuesday, July 1, 2008
1st July...

Today is doctors' day....

First of all,Happy Doctors' Day to all the doctors & future doctors out there!!!!!


Obviously,I'm just a student right now[a "FUTURE" doctor],so I did not have anything very significant to do today...Just the same monotonous routine.

As usual,I was hearing my favourite radio jockey on a radio station.Doctors' day was being celebrated on all the radio channels.I never generally take part in the contests going on,on various radio channels.[If you're aware of those "silly" contests]They're too childish sometimes.

But today I wanted to try my luck in one of the contests....
And luckily she asked a simple question.....

It was about the spelling of stethoscope!!!

I tried calling up her number for the first time,and as usual I could hear the "engage" tone.

I kept on redialling and finally at the 12th or 13th attempt,she received my call.....

Thank GOD!!!!!Atleast,I could talk to her.

So,coming back to the contest---->I gave her the answer :-

" S T E T H O S C O P E".

She was very happy on getting the correct answer and asked me my name and phone number.

I gave her those details.....BUT......... I made a REALLY BIG mistake!!!

I told her that I was a dental student....And that was it.

Her reaction was :- "If you're a dental student,you're "obviously" supposed to know the spelling,no big deal in that"

I argued with her :- "Today is doctors' day,so it is your responsibility that you do something for the doctors and --------TRUST ME,there would be so many qualified doctors out there who won't know the spelling of stethoscope".

She laughed it away & assured me that :- She would try and also told me that it was not in her hands to decide the winner.

"The computer does that!!!"


How rude was that!

I was kinda angry on her....

But then I realized that it was a part of her JOB and she wasn't there to make any friendships or understand feelings !

She was getting salary for speaking-That's it!!


What say?
It was just her job and my hard luck,RIGHT?????


I'll make sure I win something from her ONCE IN MY LIFE!!!!!

The spirit of winning,you see,& kinda SWEET "REVENGE" .....just kidding~~~

The dilemma of many hearts!!!!!!! ^_^ o_o

Actually this is a continuation of the topic "The essence of relationships" !!!! :)

Just open up your world of imagination and keep reading....

Assume two strangers,who get to know each other through a social networking site....[A very-talked about thing these days ] :D

They start talking to each other,gradually build a feeling of trust and develop a really strong bond.........& BECOME THE BEST OF FRIENDS!!!!!!!

They shared a never-failing relationship and it was the kind of friendship which made everyone jealous.

They had begun to understand each other very well,in a very short span of time of just two months.

It was a relationship free from all lies and intrigues....

They used to talk almost everyday and shared an amazing rapport with each other.

It was an exceptionally enviable relationship.

They watched movies together,went out together on special days and enjoyed each other's company thoroughly.

They exchanged presents on birthdays and spent many wonderful moments together.
It was just 11 months to their relationship,when suddenly the relationship started fading away.......

They couldn't even celebrate together the first birthday of their relationship...

Both stopped calling each other up considering the other person "busy".

Gradually the bond went weak and the everyday phone-calls got reduced to monthly conversations.

Just occasional "Hi,how're you?".

No going out together and no movies.

Not even wishing each other on "FRIENDSHIP DAY".....

The relationship was almost dying....
It was all about ego and self-esteem ,then.The feeling of "Why should I" !!!!

The feelings almost DIED!!!!!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Now,if this is the case with you,would you take the initiative to sort out things?
  • Would you move on & forget about it or would you still like to hold on and try to make things better and make efforts to get the old times back?
  • Would you move on,leaving the good old memories behind or try to start the friendship afresh and make new memories?
  • Would you let your ego ruin the relationship?
  • Would you wait for destiny to play its part once again or would you yourself try to do something for the sake of the old times?
  • How forgiving can you get?Can you forget the indifference and evasiveness?

Okay,now many people out there must be having this mentality that "What's the big deal?"

"It was just an "online" relationship,Who cares!"


So for those people,forget the previous case and lets change the situation!! Consider the two best of friends who have been knowing each other since their school days,who have shared the most important days of their life with each other and the warmth,the care and the concern!!! Would it be justified and practically reasonable on their part if they just let go? Or should one of them make the first move to begin a new innings of friendship?????
I personally believe that ,for once, we should leave our ego aside and try to contact the other person.If he/she still doesn't respond,then it's better to let go.It would be wise to peacefully separate ways,bid a goodbye to that so-called relationship which could not stand the traps of destiny & time and just try to move on,HOPING that one day he/she would return back.......


What's your take on this? Are you also one of those,in dilemma?

Or Are you one of those who've no such complications in life?

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