.....from this hypocrisy & pretence......
What if this isn't everything it should be????

I'm not even sure how I feel....!! !!

Maybe somewhere, someone loves me so much;
He'd share his life with me and my whole life he'd touch;
Maybe somewhere, someone longs to hear me call;
Or maybe, yes, I realized, maybe there is none at all...

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The final goodbye......!!

| Monday, November 3, 2008
He:Hey Hie.Where were you since so many days?

She:Are you talking to me?

He:Of course.Why're you saying so?

She:No,I thought you have better things to do now.

He:Yes,but talking to you is one of them.

She:Please stop your tall stories.I've heard enough of it already.

He:Hey,why are you so rude?

She:I'm rude!!!!!!!I think you should ask this to yourself "Why am I so indifferent?"

He:Me & indifferent?I asked you where were you and you are showing me such attitude?

She:Oh before 15 months,I was the best girl you had seen and suddenly today,I've become the attitude girl?Just introspect yourself before telling me anything.Think what you had said before some months.

He:What do you mean?

She:Please don't try to be so innocent.I'm trying hard to be polite.Don't force me to say something which will hurt you and later bite my conscience.

He:No,just let me know why you're behaving in such a manner.

She:Just forget it.You know it very well what I'm talking about.Bye.

[Signs out.]

The next day......

He:Hey,Listen.Atleast tell me where did I go wrong?

She:Do you want "me" to tell you?Can't you realize it yourself?Atleast take some trouble to go back and...

He:I don't think I have done anything wrong.

She:Oh !!Fine then.I'm wrong.I was wrong that I considered you a friend.I was wrong that I thought we were those fairytale friends forever.I was wrong that I trusted you more than myself and I respected you soooooooo much.I was wrong that I believed everything you said.I even believed you when you said we make a perfect pair.I considered your presence in my life everything I wanted.You mattered the most to me.I was wrong when I took you as a friend.I had nothing of that sort in my mind,but you compelled me to believe that I had.Even though you couldn't commit,I thought you'll,someday....But all your words were a farce and a part of your false promises,those dreams which you could never change into reality and your two-faced pesonality.Actually not a two-faced,multi-faced personality.You wanted to fit into the impression of "My kind of a guy" ,so you pretended to be a good,decent and sweet person.The kind of person,I had always wanted.But now,I'm over it.I'm grateful to you that in the beginning you taught me how to live with a broken heart,without the person you truly love the most and later you taught me not to trust anyone blindly and the most important thing you taught me was never to let a stranger change your life,the way you had changed mine.......Because of you,I cannot believe anyone at the first go,and even friends made fun of my feelings.You did not even bother to look back once and ask if I was fine.Anyways,I don't care and I'm glad I don't exist for you any longer and neither do you exist for me.

He:I'm sorry.I never really meant to do all this that you just said.But if you've really felt so,I promise you today that from now on I'll never try to talk to you.I'm sorry I made you my friend and I apologize for everything you think I've done.I really like you a lot and you are still the most genuine person I've come across.I'll always regret having lost you.Thanks for everything and sorry for everything.Bye.Take care.I'm sorry I couldn't love you the way you wanted me to....!!

She signs out.Finally at peace with her emotions which were fighting inside her since so long,the turbulence of thoughts is finally calm....She ended it the way it should have,long back and she knows it should not have started,in the first place.

6 opinions:

{ Mads } at: Tuesday, November 04, 2008 said...

i loved it...

yeah...she did the right thing....

{ matter of hearts } at: Wednesday, November 05, 2008 said...

its not good feeling to read if this is ur story....but still its true if its urs......i dint read completely ....will do it later on

{ neelam } at: Wednesday, November 05, 2008 said...

hey dish its really truee
u write so well dat for i moment i jst put myself in dat conditionn
hatsss off

{ sm } at: Saturday, November 08, 2008 said...


nice story , can happen to anyone
will be back later to read full story

see you later

{ alien } at: Wednesday, November 12, 2008 said...

ahha... jus for a moment ur blog reminded me of my life...

though i hope its not ur story that u hav put up out there.. a wrtier lik u deserves better.. :)

{ Rohan } at: Tuesday, November 18, 2008 said...

You know i can truely say " I feel you"..!!
People who are truely in love 'never..READ NEVER go away even if u ask them to, they are always there..will always be there'

Guys can be assholes..i agree..and i am glad i dont belong to any of these 'i ll have fun with a girl' breeds..!!
Very well written..loved it..!!

Consider it ..his loss..!!


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