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Destiny or just an insignificant co-incidence?????

| Thursday, October 2, 2008
An incident that strengthened my belief in "DESTINY". ------->

So many people out there believe in luck,destiny or fate but there are so many others out there who don't believe in it and consider it a coincidence and think that "We make our own destiny".

There's a very famous quote which says : "Coincidences are not always destiny".

However,there are some other coincidences which are a part of our destiny.

It's a short incident but it makes me really sure of the existence of something like destiny.

I had gone out with a friend for shopping in the afternoon at 14:45 PM to be precise.

We were just roaming around the shops to get something better but could not find anything.

It was 17:29 PM.

I don't know in which area were we in.I received a call from a friend and I asked him if he could meet.But he said that he was at the tuitions for two hours and after that he's too tired to meet.After this really really short talk,we hung up.

We checked out some other stores for the outfits of our choice and then started our way back home.

It was 19:31.[Exactly two hours after the call].We were just half-way and suddenly my eyes caught the attention of the same friend with whom I talked just some 120 minutes before....Obviously we couldn't stop to talk,'cause we were in a hurry to reach back home.It was dinner time for me & my friend.

But this is something which left me with mixed kind of emotions.

I was confused and amazed at this irony. -

The game of destiny or may be a mere coincidence??????????????!!!!!!!

You can have your own arguments on it,but there ought to be "something" which works on the sequence of events in our life.

-------Might be continued-------

2 opinions:

{ Ousizch } at: Thursday, October 02, 2008 said...

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Hope u have a great day!

From: Ousizch

{ Devansh } at: Thursday, October 02, 2008 said...

Hmm well i agree to the fact that not all coincidences are destiny but i have only one strong point dat whatever u decide for ur life is it destiny i mean whatever decisions u take in life are they bound by destiny ?

Dish just ponder over this thing


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