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Miss Ekta Kapoor strikes again-"Kahaani Mahabharat Ki" -A brief review.

| Tuesday, July 8, 2008

~7th July~

Ekta Kapoor was going to launch her new serial "Kahaani Mahabharat Ki" on the channel "9x".I was eagerly waiting for the first episode of the show.It was a greatly anticipated show and everyone,including me,had a lot of EXPECTATIONS from it.I was really enthusiastic about the show,'cause I'm not much aware of the events in this epic.

Finally the long awaited serial started..................

And Lo and Behold !

The first thing I can say about it after the first episode is :-



I guess the set they have used is the same one which was used in the movie "Jodha Akbar".I'm not very sure about it.Sorry,if I'm wrong.If anyone knows,do let me know through your comments.

The first episode showed the event of "Draupadi's chirharan".The girl who has played the role of Draupadi is having "curled" hair!!Draupadi with curly hair-What an imagination!!

Hats off to Ekta!!


The actress seemed to be the brand ambassador of all the cosmetics be it eye-liners,lipstick and "kaajal".

Ok,enough for Draupadi.
Now,the dialogues!!!


The dialogues are horribly written.No intensity in dialogue delivery,no feel,no depth & no
emotions.It all appeared very artificial.There are no sanskrit words used & Ekta very proudly announced it at one of her interviews.

Let me tell you Ekta,it's not a matter of pride.

Get a bit real,for "Mahabharat's sake".

  • For example, in place of "bhaiya",she could have used the word "Bhraata".
  • And yes,one more thing-She said "There are no sanskrit words".
  • But Draupadi has used the word "Sakha" meaning "friend" in one of the scenes.
  • Is "sakha" not a sanskrit word,Ekta?????

Alright,let us talk about the costumes now.

They are like the ones worn by GREEK GODS!!!!!!!It doesn't at alllllllll give you an impression of the characters of an epic .


Okay,only the graphics used were nice.


Overall,it was not at all worth waiting and I regret wasting HALF AN HOUR to watch it.Many of all those enthusiastic people out there must have been disappointed.I don't say everyone must have disliked it,but I personally won't recommend any one to watch it.

In one line :- WASTE OF TIME,MONEY AND ENERGY!!!!!!!!!

Do write in your comments.

As I always say :-

Opinions mean a lot :)

I may get to know something good about the serial. :D

5 opinions:

{ matter of hearts } at: Tuesday, July 08, 2008 said...

i hate to watch those daily soaps of ekta
they are just hhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh

{ Spacegirl } at: Wednesday, July 09, 2008 said...

hey what wer u expectin huh??

btw, how do you change "1 comment" to "1 opinion"???
did you mess around with the html code or something? i'd love to know. hit me back

{ Comfortably Numb } at: Wednesday, July 09, 2008 said...

Im not into that much TV these days..but is this TV show for real? How sad and How retarded. Shes the biggest retard on TV ive heard of. First she shoots an episode over that unfortuante girl who got murdered in Noida and then she says that its perfectly normal for her to do that. How sick!

Anyway I hope that this show is banned for ANY reason :P


kshaw at: Thursday, July 10, 2008 said...

i must say having expectations from ekta kapoor serials... i just can not understand!
after all i'm prity sure u'll soon be seeing a plastic surgery or something don on ram or ravan... ;)
and an epic gives her more room for that wild imagination of hers, the rebirts must be some where down the line!!! lol...
but any ways i like the spontainity of ur blog a lot!!!

{ Neo } at: Saturday, December 20, 2008 said...

I hate ekta kapoor.....
I am happy that we dont get 9x at my home or there would have been more torture....

last few days were really gr8 for me....The standoff between crew members and producers made TV a better thing....


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