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Know the common errors made in English with me!! :)

| Saturday, July 5, 2008
**Learn something about English with me :)

>It's sad that English has lost it's originality.<

---I would like to discuss some of the most common errors made in English grammar,spellings and pronounciations. [Note: Grammar is spelt as "GRAMMAR" and not as "GRAMMER"-It's not spelt with an "E".]

Without grammar,English is like Food which has no salt.

Some of the most common spelling mistakes :-

Lose means to misplace something.
Loose means something which doesn't fit properly as in loose t-shirt
These two words are often interchanged.
Loose is used instead of "lose"


Hear means to listen something;while here means "Just at that place"
Eg. : Come here.
I want to hear the song.


"Their" implies another person's possession.[as in "Their new car"].
"There" means a place located a li'l bit away from you/the person or thing concerned[as in Go and sit "there"].


"Bad" means unpleasant/something which is not liked.
"Bed" means something to sleep on.

5)Very is wrongly spelt as veRRy.

"Ideal" means something that is the best/perfect.[For example : Ideal pet-Dog;Ideal singer-Lata Mangeshkar].
"Idle" means lazy.
"Idol" means an image[statue].

"College" is wrongly spelt as collage.
Collage means haphazard picture cuttings stuck together.
CollEge is a place meant for further studies after school.

Letter means a written paper.Latter means a person.

9)Friendship is spelt wrong in lots of ways like "frandship","Freindship","Frendship" etc etc etc.

10)Busy is also incorrectly spelt as Bisy/Bussy/Bizy.

11)Comfortable is spelt as "Comfertable" or "Comferteble" which is not right.

People take these mistakes very lightly 'cause nowadays people don't have that "willing" to learn.The worst part is even if they read the correct spelling,they still spell it the way they WISH.

Usually spellings are written keeping in mind the way they are pronounced but that's not the way.[One spelling mistake in a sentence can change the entire meaning of what one wished to say;Everyone should understand the seriousness of a language-Be it English/your mother-tongue/any other language.]

However,Truly speaking,We're so used to wrong english that we tend to ignore the mistakes or rather never realize the mistakes.
This happens due to the wrong ways of teaching in school.Teachers also don't point out the mistakes .[Sorry to say this but they themselves are perhaps not upto the mark.]

----When I was in high school,my English teacher always made a mistake in the words "besides" & "beside".
Besides means "other than".
Besides studies,she's good at singing.[This sentence means that Other than studies,she's good at singing also]

Beside means "near"
Keep this book beside the photo-frame on the table.

I still respect that teacher a lot and really envy her fluency in English.
What I want to convey is that noone's perfect;But atleast we can try to correct each other's mistakes instead of overlooking them.
Noone likes to be corrected and often they might feel offended or consider the other person to be egoistic/have a superiority complex.

Instead,if we keep those feelings aside and try to correct ourselves,English can regain the lost charm.



Grammar in English includes tenses[present,past & future],nouns,verbs,adjectives etc.

[Etc. is a Latin word which means "others" and it's the abbreviation for et cetera.]

A very very common mistake I come across everyday:-

I did not 'went'.
I did not 'used'.
I did not 'brought'.
I did not 'sent'.
I did not 'got'.
I did not 'saw'.
I did not 'heard'.
I did not 'sat'.
I did not 'watched'.
I did not 'said'.
I did not 'caught'.
I did not 'played'.
I did not 'slept'.
I did not 'wrote'.
I did not 'learned'
I did not 'cried'
I did not 'laughed'

All these lines are absolutely wrong.

Whenever the verb "did" is used,the verb following it should always be SIMPLE PRESENT TENSE.


I did not 'go'.
I did not 'use'.
I did not 'bring'.
I did not 'send'.
I did not 'get'.
I did not 'see'.
I did not 'hear'.
I did not 'sit'.
I did not 'watch'.
I did not 'say'.
I did not 'catch'.
I did not 'play'.
I did not 'sleep'.
I did not 'write'.
I did not 'learn'
I did not 'cry'
I did not 'laugh'

Another mistake with "HAD":-

I had saw a tiger.

This is again WRONG.

Correct sentence-formation is I had "seen" a tiger.

This implies that the tense following the verb "HAD" is always "past perfect" like had gone,had done,had slept,had laughed,had been,had sung,had written and so on.
These are some of the most frequently observed mistakes by me.
If you have also experienced some other errors,feel free to post your comments.
If you can tell me any of my mistakes in this post,please do not hesitate.
For any doubts regarding English grammar,spellings or pronounciation,Refer the dictionary or post your questions here!!!!!!!

.........This will be continued.........

Thank you!!!!

2 opinions:

{ lavish } at: Wednesday, June 11, 2008 said...

This is lavish, was just going through your blog and stopped at "If you have also experienced some other errors,feel free to post your comments." you have and are doing a very good job here but the thing is that as nowdays we are into 21st century considering say Teens for example they are well into chats and we all agree that. So rather than going into the proper English they are habitual of using only chat language all in short forms which are easy and simple for them to undertand.
And because of that these mistakes are into the picture, you will notice that instead of writing "here" we write "hr" other than knwn the meaning of the same even the good example is in front of you eve me while writin you the post goin the short cut method c. hehe i jst noticed that..
Nyways so the point is we dont think of the spelling nor even pronoinciation jst blankly go for the meaning it beacue it sounds same so doesn't matter ..........
But i really once again appreciate your job. kp goin

Also i was looking for very good article i read long back which specified "Should there be chat language used in examinations" in Times of was a very good article which i would have been liked to share with you bt unfoutunatley i was unable to sort it out from junk of articles in google.


Anonymous at: Monday, September 01, 2008 said...

Good one...only mistake...

English can regain the lost charm once again....

It should be "English can regain the lost charm..."

Regain == once again


Take care


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