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Sarcasm,Criticism and TRUTH!----about Ekta Kapoor's GIFT to INDIA[to the WORLD,actually]

| Monday, June 30, 2008
Note: This post is not to offend anyone's personal likes or encourage anyone's dislikes.It's the truth and is universally[Nationally :)] accepted.

The most common scene of every house!!!!!!!!

The best [worst] gift of television,the kinda craze & addiction of those 18-22 age group and the 35-70 age group presented by Miss Ekta Kapoor-The dearest darling of all the Kapoors[Karan Johar is an exception in that list....he he] in bollywood.

OH God!What scripts!
What dialogues!
The same ol' concepts!
The same ol' love triangles and stupid plotting all the time!!!!
The same "K" alllllllll the time.
Same stories with different casts and beautiful faces to attract the new generation.
Launching new serials every year but nothing new in them except the name !!!!!!
Same story line with just the reordering of the events.
The same ol' betrayals and heartbreaks by the villain who is actually the most good-looking girl/boy on the sets.

The lead hero is the "latest" crush of every girl :D
and the lead actress is the heartbeat of every guy :D
[Not necessary they are watching the serial,but naturally if they like the guy/girl they start watching the serial and the serial goes on and on for years together......]

The seniormost character of the serial is almost 150 years old and is still alive and the most healthy among everyone [Baa and Ekta?Are you listening?]..... :D

Here's something which will tell you everything about Ekta Kapoor's typical soaps.I'm thankful to "HIM" & "HER" for their co-operation & support.I express my sincere gratitude to you.

The thoughts of the GenX in my words:-

Him: Hieee,There are some really awesome movies coming up this week on Star Movies.Do check them out.I'll send you a message to remind you the timings,so that you don't miss any.

Her: Oh,That's very sweet of you.How I wish I could watch those movies!!!!!!!But my television set is exclusively for those "K" class serials at night,reserved by my "MOM".

Him: Ohhhhhhh so you're also one of those who have to bear the daily televison soaps of
daughter-in-law:mother-in-law by Ekta Kapoor?

Her: Yes,She has really created nuisance in every home.There are fights to change the channel in almost every second home we visit.We literally wait to have a glance of some good sensible show on TV.

Him: Oh yeah!You know what?I always want to watch Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai at 10:00 PM[telecasted on Star One] but my mom keeps watching that stupid serial - "Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki".I've to wait for the commercial break to change the channel to Star One & for that I've to watch the half-an-hour episode of Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki" till the last commercial break.My hatred for those serials grows more stronger with each episode and I love "Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai" more with each passing day.

Her: Yeah.My dad also always gets angry but........[Hesitates to finish the sentence]

Him: We've done lots of research in this field,I think. :) ;)

Her: No doubt about that.I've still more to say.Everyone is married three times minimum and maximum it can be upto five marriages.Every alternate day,there's someone getting sued for a murder case or rape case.There's a divorce case filed every 15 days.You get to see the scene in the court almost everydayyyyyyyyyyyyyy.And moreover,they start their melodrama even in the court,as if the four walls of their house are not enough to gain all the sympathy and tears.

Him: Yes,true....And the most important part is the RETURN OF THE DEAD MAN!!!!!!!!


Her: Yeah....The person who's already passed away returns back with some plastic surgery done,as fit as ever.

Him: The first ever dead man to return : Amar Upadhyay [Mihir].Oh Goddddd!!It was such an over-hyped issue.

Her: Yes.But the most unbelievable part in that case was that a few aged women also died of heart attack when he expired.[Rolling Eyes]

Him: That was real tragedy for so many families.

Her: Yes,very true.

Him: The best part of every serial is they will use various kind of screen effects and background scores - "Dhoom","Dhudoom","Bham-Bham-Bham"......and so on...

Her: Yes and above all,they will highlight the entry of some villain by just showing the shoes or EYES[with beautiful eye-liners,eye-lashes with maskara(lol)]And abrubtly end the show...
Dhoom Dhoodum Dhoodum...BALAJI TELEFILMS!!

Her: Or else, during some marriage ceremony the "bhajan" is going on[The same bhajan is used in alllllllllll the serials either for Shri Ram or for Ganesh bhagwan],the villain will enter and everyone will get up from their places and again the background score----Dhum Dhum begins.

Him: Yeahhhh!!And since some months they have started this new trend of using the latest bollywood song for the lead hero and the main actress.It will go on for approximately 10 minutes and at the end of the show when you sit back and think what was the episode about,you get no answer ['cause the episode was about NOTHING at alllll]Just the stupid movie song and the couple dancing on it.[not to mention :IT WAS JUST A DREAM]The same thing holds true even for an episode showing a party at the discotheque.

Her: Yeah,It's truly very irritating.

Him: I guess,this is the best piece of criticism writing ever attempted on Ekta Kapoor!!!!

Her: Seriously!!I wish I could send this to Ekta. :D

Him: Yeah."What do people think of the "K" serials" addressed to Miss Ekta.

Her: What's her e-mail id?

Him: Don't worry about the e-mail id.You can put it on your blog.If not Ekta,let the people know what the young generation actually thinks of her stupid family dramas.

Her: Oh yeah.That's exactly what I'm going to do!!! :)

I hate you EKTA!!!!!!!!

Him: Okay.You carry on.I'll look forward to reading your post :) Bye!

Her : Byeeeeeee!! :)
Here you go.....

For all those people who think alike,I'm sure you must've liked it.
No offences anyone who likes it.You may continue watching it.I cannot stop those serials whatsoever! :D

4 opinions:

{ *Mandy* } at: Wednesday, July 02, 2008 said...


it's like a curse, the shit never comes to end.
i rather watch star world or zee cafe for proper dramas.
and dats definately excluding the shitty bold and the beautiful!!!

{ terminalrant } at: Wednesday, July 02, 2008 said...


What do you think about K serials going regional? I know..hideous..positively hideous..but its happening, I've seen a Malayalam K serial..

Well, all said and done, I cant help giving Ekta Kapoor whats due to her..I mean taking over the small screen completely is a tremendous effort, specially in a man's world. Oh and she reads the Indian mind so beautifully. Its true we can stand these soaps but apparently the majority of the Indian TV viewers can and she has judged their mentality wonderfully well..

PS: I aint a fan of Ekta Kapoor or the darn K serials..Hell I havnt even watched one..But all said and donr, I cant but applaud her guts!!!

{ sajjapraveenchowdary } at: Thursday, July 03, 2008 said...

It's not only this Ekta kapoor serials, but there are also similar one down south in regional languages and these are a big head-ache in almost every family as the ladies stick to the screen during the same time when u have a IPL match or something else..

{ Neo } at: Saturday, December 20, 2008 said...

The "k" effect...I wonder why doesnt it have its effect in movies....
only kya kool hae hum was watchable...
all others kissed the dirt......


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